May 28

Drawfender Level Pack is a new physic based game where your job is to draw a shelter for protecting the good guy. Read the game review and watch the full video walkthrough for Drawfender Level Pack game.
drawfender level pack walkthrough, guide and cheats

The greedy bandits have escaped from jail, and now they are back for a cannon based shooting revenge against you. As previously, Drawfender gives you a guardian role for drawing shapes and constructions that would save the good guy from all attacks and invades. Have fun!

Watch Drawfender Level Pack Full Walkthrough video on Youtube:

May 27

Defence of Portal 2 is the newest sequel of the popular base defense, or better said, portal defense shooting game. Read the game information and watch the full video walkthrough for Defence of Portal 2 game.
defence of portal 2 walkthrough, guide and cheats

Mutated flies, crazy ninjas, aliens and even zombies, are trying to take down the last working portal on Earth. You have been chosen to defend the portal, even at a cost of your life. Pick few guns, build some turrets and stand against the incoming invasion of monsters.

Watch Defence of Portal 2 Walkthrough video help:

May 26

Hut Defense 2 is a new TD game where your job is to build defensive huts and protect your tribe. Read the game review and watch the full video walkthrough for Hut Defense 2 TD Game.
hut defense 2 walkthrough, guide and cheats

Stand against hordes of incoming monsters by building defensive huts and producing monsters as soldiers. Defeat your enemies and earn money for that, so you could purchase better skills, improve the huts and unlock devastating spells that will definitely aid you.

Watch Hut Defense 2 Walkthrough:

May 21

Moonhex is a new action game where you must reclaim your powers as you face against demons and magic. Read the game review and watch Moonhex walkthrough video.
moonhex walkthrough, screenshots and images

Travel across the dark forest, exploring stages and slaying monsters as you struggle to regain your lost powers, become the prince of darkness and stand against the all forms of enemies!

Watch Moonhex Walkthrough:

May 20

Cat Around Africa is 4th part of the epic physics-based journey of the cute hungry kitten. Read the game description and watch the Full Video Walkthrough for Cat Around Africa 4 part game.
cat around africa walkthrough, thumbnail and screens

The hungry cat is back for more sweets eating fun, alongside traveling around Africa. Remove shapes, break glass and push objects in order to feed the hungry cat and have lots of traveling fun!

Watch Cat Around Africa Walkthrough - Video Walkthrough for Cat Around Africa 4 game:

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