Jun 5

Hippos vs Rhinos is a new physic based game where your job is to save all hippos while eliminating the evil rhinos. Read the game review and watch the full video walkthrough for Hippos vs Rhinos game.
hippos vs rhinos walkthrough, guide and cheats

Remove shapes and let gravity to get rid of all evil Rhinos, while protecting the cute fatty Hippos and saving the balance in nature. Play thru 21 stages of physics fun and enjoy saving all hippos on sight!

Watch Hippos vs Rhinos Walkthrough [full]:

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Jun 4

Beasts Battle is a new turn-based game where you battle against monsters from all over the globe. Read the game review and watch Beasts Battle Walkthrough video.
beasts battle walkthrough, guide and cheats

Train an army of beasts and overpower all enemy monsters in this turn-based strategy game. Charge into Beasts Battle in search of power and territory. Have fun!

Watch Beasts Battle Walkthrough and Strategy Guide:

Jun 3

Calabash Bros is a new TD game where you strive to stop the incoming reptiles and lizards. Read the game review and watch Calabash Bros TD Walkthrough help.
calabash bros td game walkthrough, guide and cheats

Build towers and train troops so you would be able to overpower the incoming reptiles, and protect your beloved land. Featuring more than 20 different stages, dozens of upgradeable towers, lots of angry enemies and much more in this cool TD Game!

Watch Calabash Bros TD Game Walkthrough Video:

Jun 2

Endless Night is a new base defense shooting game which puts you to stop hordes of incoming zombies. Read the game review and watch the full video walkthrough for Endless Night game.
endless night walkthrough, guide and cheats

Are you ready to survive the Endless Night of zombie invasions and attacks? Can you live enough to shoot every single zombie that is trying to destroy your house? Various guns, bombs and special attacks, are here to aid you during this intense shooting battle! Adjust your aim, and blast them zombies away!

Watch Endless Night walkthrough video:

May 30

The Lord of the Tower is a new type of TD game where you build towers around your king, protecting him from all waves of enemies. Read the game review and watch the full video walkthrough for The Lord of the Tower game.
the lord of the tower walkthrough

Protect your king by surrounding him with defensive towers and taking down every form of incoming threat. Build and upgrade your towers frequently, so your precious majesty will live to tell his newest TD experience with death.

Watch the Lord of the Tower Walkthrough video:

Have a fun and funny weekend!

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