Mar 4

Survival Instincts is a new shootout game where you defend yourself from hordes of incoming zombies. Read the game review and watch the full video walkthrough for Survival Instincts flash game.
survival instincts walkthrough

Arm yourself and take a deep breath cause this night, the silent night of death and decay, will be a long night to survive thru! Unleash your Survival Instincts as you face against zombie hordes, all ragingly trying to kill you. Shoot them at once and kill them on sight.

Watch Survival Instincts Walkthrough video:

Mar 3

Adam and Eve 2 is a new point and click game where you need to help Adam in his funny adventure. Read the game review and watch Adam and Eve 2 video Walkthrough.
adam and even 2 walkthrough video

Help Adam to find his way to better life and more beautiful wife than and with his current partner, Eve. Welcome to Adam and Eve 2 game, the wackiest point and click adventure from them all. Interact with objects and guide Adam throughout daring dangers and funny situations.

Watch Adam and Eve 2 Walkthrough:

Feb 28

Dino Shift 2 is a new puzzling adventure where you help the funky dino to reach and eat same colored blocks. Read the game review and watch the Dino Shift 2 game Walkthrough:
dino shift 2 walkthrough guide and cheats

Guide the funny dino thru a spectacular adventure of shifting body colors and eating same colored blocks. Dino Shift 2 comes back with 30 new stages, angry and hungry enemy dinosaurs, improved gameplay mechanism and endless fun of eating same colored blocks.

Watch Dino Shift 2 Walkthrough Video:

Feb 27

HI guys AdminAnt here with another super duper pokemon clue this week its going to be for a Sableye i hope you have a great new year and xmas

Be sure to get all the answer from the clues to make the 8 digit and letter code good luck

* digit or letters to the clues and good luck.


Leading the Awesome Tanks in war can award you with up to 6 shiny medals, where the First Medal is called Hunter, but what is the First Letter of the Third Medal name?


Besieged is an old Tower Defense game where the Arrow Tower have 5 points of Base Attack, while the Sap Silo has How Many Points of Base Attack?


Prepare your Bacteria Defense line and protect your body from the incoming germs. There, the shortcut letter W is used for Selecting Tower, but what Shortcut Letter is used to Unselect Tower?


The BigTree Defense 2: Evolution game assigns you to defend mother nature from the insect invasion. Apart using the Mouse Wheel to zoom in and out, what Shortcut Letter is used to Zoom In?


Lead the Mushroom Revolution thru vast world of tower defense fun! Before you start a stage, check the Upgrades menu and see How Many Upgrades are there in total?


Search for MUNIO (using the search box) and play the tower defense game which yields as result. Once you start the first stage, you can build the Laser Turret which has How Many Points of Damage per attack?


Find the NINJAS (using the search box) and play the first part of the epic td battle of Ninjas vs Pirates. That TD game has only few maps to offer, where the First Map is named with the letter A, while the Last Map is named with what letter?


Searching for PAPER (using the search box) will give you several games as result, but only one of them has a Name which ends with Defense. Play that game and check the Range Wall which cost How Many Dollars?

Thanks AdminAnt

Feb 26

Defend your King is a new base defense game where your only goal is to serve and protect your beloved king. Read more details and watch the full Walkthrough video for Defend Your King game.
defend your king walkthrough guide and cheats

Place your troops and Defend your King from all enemies! Your castle must be protected while every single enemy must be entirely annihilated. Call upon archers, brave knights, wise wizards and everyone else that stands as a good warrior and is able to protect the king.

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