Mar 11

Paint Over is a new puzzle/platformer game where you change your body colors as you strive to enter the exit door. Read the game review and watch Paint Over Walkthrough video:
paint over walkthrough video, game thumbnails and cheats

Run and jump on platforms, coloring them according your body color and exiting the current stage with a shiny golden star. There are 24 stages, lots of colorful platforms, few keys and locked doors, some color buckets and much more adventuring fun!

Watch Paint Over Walkthrough, new puzzle flash games:

Mar 10

Install D is a new TD game where your objective is to protect the data base headquarter. Read the game review and watch the full video walkthrough for Install D TD game.
install d walkthrough, guide and cheats

Install Tower Defenses and protect the database from hordes of malicious viruses and swiftly moving trojans! Featuring many towers, upgrades and dozens of stages, this TD game is the only strategic challenge for today. Have fun!

Watch Install D Walkthrough video:

Mar 7

O-Shaped Ninjas is a new puzzle game where you slash your way thru platforms and enemies. Read the game review and watch O-Shaped Ninjas Walkthrough Video.
o-shaped ninjas walkthrough game and videos

Sharpen your katana and slash your way thru enemy lines of O-Ninjas, wooden platforms and spikey obstacles. The goal is to eliminate your enemies and avoid harming your allies in 20 challenging stages. Have fun!

Watch O-Shaped Ninjas Walkthrough [Full]:

Mar 6

Rise of the Titans is a new flash game where you control the beast in war against humanity. Read the game info and watch Rise of the Titans walkthrough video.
rise of the titans walkthrough, game and cheats

Unleash your wrath to mankind as you control a Titan beast in this destructive action game! Rise of the Titans is the place where you smash buildings, devour people, mutate your beast and gain godly powers to end the meaning of life.

Mar 5

OMG: TD is a new Tower Defense game for Android based devices. Read the game review, watch the Official Game Trailer and enjoy the OMG: TD! Video Gameplay.
omg td walkthrough, guide and cheats

Raise your towers and brace yourself for standing against the longest, bravest and most powerful enemies ever seen on TD screen! The objective in OMG: TD! is to prevent the enemies from reaching the exit. Good luck achieving that!

Watch OMG: TD! Official Game Trailer:

Watch OMG: TD! In-game Footage, Actual Gameplay Video:

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