Mar 18

Pillow City is a new action-survival game where you role-playing hero needs to find his missing sister and eliminate some aggressive zombies. Read the game review and watch the Pillow City Walkthrough Video:
pillow city walkthrough, guide and cheats

Locate and save your missing sister as you dive in this zombie infested town and accomplish few in game quests and side missions. Featuring many weapons, lots of zombies, few loyal allies and spectacular pixelated graphics, Pillow City is a city which provides pure action/adventuring fun!

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Mar 17

Vehicles 3: Car Toons! is the newest puzzle game where the goal is to get rid of all evil vehicles from screen. Read the game review and watch the Vehicles 3: Car Toons! Walkthrough video.
vehicles car toons walkthrough

Start and stop the engines of your good vehicles, such as police vehicles, hospital trucks and firefighter trucks, so they would push, move or eliminate all evil cars on sight. Try to complete all 36 stages with a golden star on each.

Watch Vehicles 3: Car Toons! Walkthrough, Game Guide:

Mar 14

HI guys AdminAnt here with another super duper pokemon clue this week its going to be for a Sableye i hope you have a great new year and xmas

Be sure to get all the answer from the clues to make the 8 digit and letter code good luck

* digit or letters to the clues and good luck.


Play the Space Defense Academy and see what Hotkey letter is used for selecting the Ultimate Tower Base?


Claytus Hood TD game has many towers to offer, including the Machinegun tower. How Many Damage points does the Machinegun tower has on start?


While the Elemental War tries to extinguish your fire base, the Upper-Left corner of the game contains four buttons which gain access to the game menu, sound effects and even quality settings. The Quality button has 3 different settings, but when you start the game, its quality is set to best. What Letter is shown on the Quality button, which presents the best quality and is there on your first game?


When you play Vehicle TD 2 game, you can build How Many types of buildings?


To attain victory in Earth TD game, few powerful Crystals will be at your disposal, but you will need to start a level in order to use any of them. How Many Crystals are there in total?


Search for CHESS (using the search box) and play the only game that yields as result. There, what Shortcut Letter/Hotkey is used to Give Priority to Selected Piece?


Find the KINGS (using the search box) and command their Towers in TD game. The simplest towers you can build at start, are the Wooden and Stone towers. How Many Delay points does the Wooden Tower has?


Find the TEMPLE (using the search box) and play the 2nd part of that cool strategy game. Before you start playing the game, use the Help button to learn the basic game controls and keyboard shortcuts. What Keyboard Letter/Shortcut is used to activate the Research Panel?

Thanks AdminAnt

Mar 13

Strafe WW2: Western Front is a new airplane game which took actions during World War 2. Read the game review and watch Strafe WW2 walkthrough video.
strafe ww 2 walkthrough

Listen up, soldier, the whole sky is dissolving upon our land, bombs are exploding everywhere and hundreds of enemy planes will destroy everything! You must stop them all, and this Strafe WW2 is the airplane game which can allow you all that and much more.

Mar 13

Warlords: Epic Conflicts is a new RTS driven game where you lead your army in war against the entire world! Read the game review, watch Warlords: Epic Conflicts video and have fun!
warlrods epic conflicts walkthrough

Pick your warlord and charge in a Real-Time strategy war against other warlords from all over the globe! Train units, research better equipment, unlock better weapons and shatter in pieces anyone and everything that dares to stand against you.

Watch Warlords: Epic Conflicts Official Trailer Video:

Watch Warlords: Epic Conflicts Walkthrough, Cheats Videos and Guides:

Watch Warlords: Epic Conflicts fan’s video (how to make Whirler Move):

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