Mar 25

Hello, Sam here bringing you the latest PTD clue this week. We have our ghostly/grassy friend Phantump this week so lets get on with it.

Be sure to get all the answer from the clues to make the 8 digit and letter code that you will insert in PTD2’s Mystery Gift section on this website, good luck


What is the first letter of Pokemon Trainer Ash’s Last Name?

Clue 2 & 3

What is Pikachu’s National Pokedex Number?

Clue 4 & 5

How many Fairy type pokemon are there as of Pokemon X and Y?

Clue 6

How many chapters (including the Epiloge) does PTD 1’s story mode have?

Clue 7

What is the first letter of the first pokemon Ash’s captured (after pikachu) in the pokemon anime?

Clue 8

What is the first letter of the Giveaway pokemon that is part of this Mystery Gift?

Thanks for Playing!

Mar 24

Loot Heroes is a new RPG game where after you choose a hero, the real quest of fighting monsters can truly begin. Read the flash game review and watch the whole Loot Heroes Walkthrough video right here at
loot heroes images and game thumbnail icons

Choose a hero before you delve into dungeons filled with monsters, unlock treasure box and slay powerful bosses as you walk over the path of justice and law. Welcome to Loot Heroes, a new RPG adventure game for you to play.

Mar 21

Wizland Arena is a new survival game where you are facing thousands of aggressive creatures. Read more and watch the Wizland Arena Walkthrough video.
wizland arena walkthrough thumbnail

Choose a hero and dare to enter Wizland Arena, the ultimate survival game! Get ready to face against hordes of enemies, crazy creatures and raging beasts! Utilize variety weapons while eliminating your enemies and saving your own skin and life.

Have fun the following weekend!

Mar 20

Tinysasters 2 walkthrough is a new strategy game where your objective is to build a new tiny civilization. Read the game review and watch Tinysasters 2 gameplay video.
tynasters 21

Place tents, form villages and raise your cities as you strive to get the required resources for creating the mini civilization. Tinysasters 2 comes with new types of buildings, improved gameplay and visual effects, lots of ingame missions and tons of building fun!

Watch Tinysasters 2 Walkthrough Video:

Mar 19

Colony Defender TD 2 is the newest sequel of the tower defensive battle against alien enemies. Read the game review and watch the full Colony Defender TD 2 Walkthrough video.
colony defender td 2 walkthrough, guide and cheats

Relocate your towers and place few traps before you start the next wave of enemies and proudly defend your base from their devastating attacks. Welcome to Colony Defender TD 2!

Watch Colony Defender TD 2 Walkthrough, Trailer and Strategy Guide:

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