Apr 8

Monkey GO Happy Tales is the newest monkeys cheering game made by PencilKids gaming studio. Watch the full video walkthrough for Monkey GO Happy Tales game:
monkey go happy tales walkthrough

Play thru 4 challenging stages of interacting fun before you head to the final stage where all little monkeys will be reunited. Interact with creatures, collect items, solve wall puzzles and have fun rescuing those hidden monkeys.

Watch Monkey GO Happy Tales Walkthrough:

Apr 7

Monster Squad is a new RPG-based action game where you lead a team of monsters thru countless battles against powerful enemies and epic bosses. Read the game review and watch Monster Squad walkthrough video.
monster squad flash game walkthrough and game images
Lead your team of warriors, up to three brave monsters per battle, thru a series of RPG battles based on simultaneous gameplay. Face against 60 types of enemies, loot and equip up to 300 legendary artifacts, weapons and armors, defeat powerful bosses and have fun taking control in this intensive action game!

Watch Monster Squad Walkthrough video, part 1:

Watch Monster Squad Walkthrough video, part 2:

Watch Monster Squad Walkthrough video, part 3:

Apr 4

Quest Defense is a new 3D Tower Defense Unity game where your job is to build 3D towers and stand against hordes of enemies. Read the game review, watch the official game trailer and view Quest Defense Playthough Video.
quest defense game image unity games

Train soldiers, build and upgrade towers, plot effective strategies to save your land, and do whatever it takes to prevent the incoming monsters from sneaking pass your towers! Welcome to Quest Defense, a new TD Unity game presented in stunning 3D gaming style!

Watch the Quest Defense Official Trailer Video:

Watch Quest Defense Walkthrough, Guide and Tips:

Enjoy the following weekend, guys and girls, and have fun playing the best TD games only at PlayTowerDefenseGames.com

Apr 3

Mad Burger 2 is a new burgers launching game and feeding hungry Xmas elves. Read the game review and watch the full video walkthrough for Mad Burger 2 game.
mad burger 2 walkthrough icon

Grab a juicy burger and launch it towards feeding the hungry Xmas Elves! Mad Burger 2 comes with new set of kitchen upgrades, lots of greedy and hungry passers, tons of collectable stuff and endless burger launching fun!

Apr 2

Sneaky Dex is a new puzzle platformer game where you help a fellow robot to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles along the way. Read the game review and watch the full video walkthrough for Sneaky Dex flash game.
sneaky dex walkthrough, guide and cheats

Help Sneaky Dex to sneak his way to the main vault, illegally posses all valuable stuff from there, and get out of robot land! Get ready to push buttons, jump with jumping boosters, avoid deadly lasers and even command little droids to do whatever it takes to collect all keys and secure your way out of there.

Watch Sneaky Dex Walkthrough:

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