May 1

Capture the Castle is a new conquering game where you need to defeat your opponent before he overpowers you! Read more details for Capture the Castle.
capture the castle thumbnail

Develop your loyal army to crush and smash everything that stand across your path to world domination! Build your castle, making its walls to be though enough to withstand every attack while your army slaughter every threat there is!

Watch the Capture the Castle walkthrough:

Apr 30

Bomb the Aliens and make sure they won’t invade our planet again! Read more details for Bomb the Aliens.
bomb the aliens thumbnail

Bomb the Aliens and assure the entire human race that those ugly green creatures won’t disturb our peaceful planet again! Rocket launcher, laser beamer, simple cannon and other hi-tech weapons are on your disposal to help you out in the battle against the greenlike creatures, ugly critters and other types of alien life forms!

Watch Bomb the Aliens:

Apr 27

Pirateers is a new sailing game where you need to live your life as a true pirate! Read more details for Pirateers.
pirateers thumbnail

Immerse in a dangerous pirating adventure where you will battle against other pirates, navy ships and even simple fishing boats. Scavenge the entire ocean, robbing everything that has a valuable for you! Who knows maybe some day the lost treasure, the Neptune’s Eye will be yours!

Watch Pirateers official trailer:

Watch Pirateers walkthrough:

Enjoy pirating through the entire weekend!

Apr 26

Nano Kingdoms is a new epic war in which you must protect territory by defeating all opponents that dare to stand across! Read more details for Nano Kingdoms.
nano kingdoms thumnails

Lead your army to keep the peace in the entire Nano Kingdom! In this stratey game you must help the king defeat his son Alexander, who became evil and crazy for power, being a huge threat to everyone.

Watch official trailer for Nano Kingdoms:

Watch Nano Kingdoms walkthrough for the last level:

Apr 25

Dungeon Breaker is a new puzzle game where you need to provide the golden key to the locked boy. Read more details for Dungeon Breaker.
dungeon breaker thumbnail

You are on a new Dungeon Breaker mission where you need to collect the golden key so you would be able to escape the dungeon. Collecting the golden coins will grant you extra points.

Watch Dungeon Breaker walkthrough levels 1-15:

Watch Dungeon Breaker walkthrough levels 16-30:

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