May 29

Mummy Blaster is a new, about to be released, puzzle game on which you must set up explosives and blow those lifeless mummies. Read more details for Mummy Blaster.
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Way back in time, back to the ancient Egypt, the most popular rulers - pharaohs in their after life were mercilessly protected by their loyal servants also known as mummies. Now all pharaohs along with the sarcophagus they are buried in to, has been permanently moved in world known museums. The mummy guardians aren’t meant to guard anything now, and you need to place some TNT explosives and blast them all!

Watch Mummy Blaster video walkthroughs (levels 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15):

Watch Mummy Blaster video walkthroughs (levels 16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30):

May 28

Being One has arrived in the latest 5th installment called the Infection! Read more details for Being One - Episode 5: Infection.
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Being One has arrived in the latest 5th installment called the Infection! Are you ready for another spooky point and click adventure in space? Grab the mouse and start solving all puzzles, collecting clues, investigating laboratiers, fighting against nano bots and have lots of sci-fi fun!

Watch Being One - Episode 5: Infection full video walkthrough:

May 25

Firebug 2 is the new sequel of the popular platformer where you control the piro-bug! Read more details for Firebug 2.
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The fire seeing bug also known as Firebug is back in his 2nd adventure! Run, jump and ignite wooden platforms as you collect tasty jellybeans before you exit the current level. Guide him through all 33 levels without touching the deadly water!

Watch Firebug 2 full video walkthrough:

Have fun the following weekend and stay away if any firebug pops in front of you.

May 24

Rune Raiders is a new turnbased board game where you need to lead your army to victory! Read more details for Rune Raiders.
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Gather the most skilled warriors, smartest wizard, precise archers and immerse to a turn-based quest of finding and defeating the most evil boss that lives on our planet! Brave dwarfs, smart elves, wise wizards are awaiting for your final command!

Watch Rune Raiders Official Trailer:

Watch Rune Raiders final boss walkthrough:

May 23

Click to Play: Battle Panic

Battle Panic is a new mouse controlled strategy game. Read more details for Battle Panic.
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Build your castle, harvest resources and raise your loyal army so you could make the entire world to knee in front of you! Prepare for countless battles against ugly orcs, sneaky trolls, evil wizards, dark knights and many other spooky creatures! Once you earn enough points, start upgrading your units, buildings, combat abilities, resources gathering skills and even the legendary elite upgrades, so you could stand against the most notorious enemies!

Click to Play: Battle Panic

Watch Battle Panic gameplay:

Click to Play: Battle Panic

Watch Battle Panic tips and tricks:

Click to Play: Battle Panic

Watch Battle Panic walkthrough:

Click to Play: Battle Panic

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