Jun 21

Kamikaze Pigs is a new destructive game which is based on lots of chain reactions among the suicidal pigs. Read more details for Kamikaze Pigs.
kamikaze pigs

Desperate times demands desperate actions! Once the high commander of all pigs gives his final approval about the suicidal kamikaze plan, there is nothing else that to do except to follow his order and destroy as many pigs as you can! Click on pig and try to cause the biggest, longest, most explosive chain reaction that will sweep every pig there is!

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Jun 20

Sherlock Holmes Escape is a new point and click room escape game where you play as the greatest detective mind in this challenging escape. Read more details for Sherlock Holmes Escape.
sherlock holmes escape

Sherlock Holmes Escape is a new point and click room escape game where you play as the greatest detective mind in this challenging escape. Gather clues and find the way to the exit!

Watch Sherlock Holmes Escape walkthrough:

Jun 19

Click to Play: Anti Zombie Defense

Anti Zombie Defense is the last act of protecting the human kind and defeating the evil zombie attackers. Read more details for Anti Zombie Defense.
anti zombie defense thumbanil

Before the zombie apocalypse happen, you better improve the Anti Zombie Defense skills you posses! Upgrade your base, build defensive turrets, place a trap or two and wait for those brainless creatures to step into your territory and meet their bloody doom! Featuring total of 8 weapon upgrades, 15 levels to defend from countless waves of annoying zombies, all wrapped with loads of defensive shooting fun!

Click to Play: Anti Zombie Defense

Watch Anti Zombie Defense:

Click to Play: Anti Zombie Defense

Jun 18

The War Cry is a new strategy themed game where you need to stop hordes of ugly looking goblins from reaching and destroying your castle! Read more details for The War Cry.
the war cry thumbnail

Hordes of evil soul, stinky breath and ugly looking goblins are invading your territory! Gain enough resources just to be able to produce the counter army that will be able not only to withstand the goblin attack, but to fully exterminate them of the entire world! Upgrading your buildings and learning new offensive spells will definitely aid you in winning this hideous war!

Watch the War Cry official trailer:

Watch the War Cry hacked version:

Jun 15

Last Mars Tower is a new TD game where you need to prevent all humans from reaching and invading the planet Mars. Read more details for Last Mars Tower.
last mars tower thumbnail

Ever since humans overpopulated the planet Earth, they untiringly were invading all space planets, hoping the perfect one they can conquer and populate on. That perfect one was none else but the hostile planet of Mars! Take control of the Marsian side and stand against the humans attack by using the Last Mars Tower defense!

Watch Last Mars Tower official trailer:

Watch Last Mars Tower walkthrough and gameplay:

Have fun the following weekend and be sure to be nice with all aliens, no matter which planet they came from.

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