Jun 28

Tokyo Guinea Pop is the sequel of the popular bubble gum chewing and balloons popping guinea pigs. Read more details for Tokyo Guinea Pop.
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The evil Zoo Wrengler has returned, but this time he invaded the land of raising sun, aka Japan! His evil plan to mind control all the zoo animals in there, is almost complete. This is job for the special team of guinea pigs and their special friend a la snake. Enjoy playing Tokyo Guinea Pop while listening some awesome Japanese pop music.

Watch Tokyo Guinea Pop walkthrough (for all 50 levels)

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Jun 27

Ragdoll Achievement is a new explosive game for kids where you need to perform dangerous lab experiments as you strive to get the challenging in-game achievements. Read more details for Ragdoll Achievement.
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Are you ready to achieve some really explosive, meant for destruction the wooden ragdoll, achievements? Grab some mines, set few traps, attach bunch of springs and try to cause maximum damage to the innocent ragdoll.

Watch Ragdoll Achievement walkthrough:

Jun 26

Human Defense is a new TD game that takes action inside the human body of a diseased man. Read more details for Human Defense.
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Place bunch of miniature defensive towers and let no harmful virus or nasty infection to roam free inside the patient body! Prepare yourself for lots of life saving stages, building several defensive upgradeable defensive towers in order to eliminate tons of viruses, evil molleculs and nasty infection that are trying to take over control!

Watch Human Defense official trailer:

Watch Human Defense gameplay:

Jun 25

Toy Defense is a new TD game where you need to stop all invading waves of toys from escaping through the exit. Read more details for Toy Defense.
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Place your troops and wait for those annoying waves of toys to face and meet their doom! Earn money and upgrade your defensive line in order for being able not only to withstand the invasion, but to successfully end it before it went out of control!

Watch Toy Defense official trailer:

Watch Toy Defense walkthrough:

Jun 22

Photon Baby is a new pixelated adventure where you control the mad scientist that can defeat all vampires there are and save his baby son. Read more details for Photon Baby.
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Shoot powerful photons to burn all vampires in this puzzle platformer. Your precious, the most important thing of your life, the only thing that is worth living for, the mysterious diamond was abducted along with your baby son, by the evil blood socking vampires! Now you must visit the castle on top of the hill and retrive your precious diamond, including your baby son!

Watch Photon Baby video walkthrough levels 1-15:

Watch Photon Baby video walkthrough levels 1-15:

And remember guys and girls, if you find yourself in a castle full with spooky looking old vampires, then you better not forget your photon gun at home!

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