Oct 4

Zombie Situation is a new base defense game where you must shoot down all incoming zombies. Read more details for Zombie Situation.
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Have you ever wanted to be stuck in dangerous, but adrenaline rushing situation at the cost of your own life? Well, regardless of your decision and aspiration to live, you have been trapped into a Zombie Situation that can definitely cost you a life! Grab the gun and blast out all incoming waves of brainless zombies!

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Sep 17

Decision 2: New City is the sequel of the popular zombie invasion. Read more details for Decision 2: New City.
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The whole country has been zombie threaten! The time has come for you to make your second decision and stand against this zombified madness! Grab the gun and start blasting some zombie heads at once!

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Watch Decision 2: New City:

Jul 24

Soldier Diary is a new point and click adventure made by Bgamer. Read more details for Soldier Diary.
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Throughout the Soldier Diary you will be able to point and click his escaping from the enemies journey. Do waht you can to help out this captured soldier to see once again the lights of freedom!

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Jul 23

Running Warrior is a new pixelated adventure of a brave little runner that will run to everywhere just to find and rescue his kidnapped girlfriend! Read more details for Running Warrior.
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What it looked like an ordinary day, turned into hell when your beloved girlfriend was kidnapped in front of your eyes! Now you have to find and rescue her before it is too late. Run through magical world full with blobs, bats, shiny coins, deadly spikes and in-game shop owners, just in order to find and rescue your kidnapped girlfriend!

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Jun 29

Click to Play: Last Guardian

Last Guardian is the ultimate castle defense game that will put your archery skills on the ultimate test! Read more details for Last Guardian.
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You are the Last Guardian that is able to protect the castle from hordes of invading monsters, creepy creatures, dark wizards and other raging beasts! Grab the old-trusty bow and start seeing rain of arrows in order to protect your kingdom. Unlock challenges as your proceed through levels, earn money to purchase fancy upgrades, do not forget to check the objectives and before you charge into the next stage, see how many achievements you have obtained.

Click to Play: Last Guardian

Watch Last Guardian 1:

Click to Play: Last Guardian

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Click to Play: Last Guardian

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Click to Play: Last Guardian

Enjoy the hot summer weekend guys and girls!

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