Nov 22

Click to Play: Canyon Defence

Canyon Defence is a new tower defence game that takes action inside a big canyon. Read more details for Canyon Defence.
canyon defence

Strategically place defensive towers, protective turrets, tricky traps and let no enemey pass by your superiour line of defence, well at least not alive! Key point for gaining victory and protecting your nation is to upgrade your units as fast as you can.

Click to Play: Canyon Defence

Watch Canyon Defence first map hardmode walkthrough:

Click to Play: Canyon Defence

Watch Canyon Defence win game:

Click to Play: Canyon Defence

Nov 20

Mushroom Farm Defender is a new tower defense game where you are building defensive mushrooms that will stop all incoming aggressive invaders. Read more details for Mushroom Farm Defender.
mushroom farm defender thumbnail

Protect your farm from all nasty attackers, hideous looking bugs and ugly critters! Plant, raise and upgrade defensive mushrooms that will manage to destroy all incoming enemies before they reach and tear apart your garden. Have fun!

Watch Mushroom Farm Defender:

Nov 19

Why Am I Dead is a new pixelated game where you must investigate the cause of your death. Read more details for Why Am I Dead.
why am I dead thumbnail

Ready for a new pixelated game made in old and funky retro style? Why Am I Dead - is the question that wander thru your ghostly mind, tormenting your soul, denying your entire existence! Take control of this disembodied ghost and try to get to the bottom of this unfair adventure.

Watch Why Am I Dead full video walkthrough:

Nov 17

Click the icons to find the code

Hi there guys welcome to 5th PTD2 mystery code this week the code will be a Shiny Shinx the first shiny gice away!!.
Sorry the was no code last week sam had a rest for a week but no a new update will be ready today and right now!

The code is 8 digits or letters long good luck finding the clue they will contain clues and from tower defense games on my website good luck please post a comment asking for help but DONT NO POST THE ANSWER otherwise sam will slap you :)

This week will be hard since its the first shiny give away. good luck lets begin.

Thanks AdminAnt

On super mario defence when you start the tutorial how many ready letters are there on the word super maro defence?

Tainted kingdom is an amazing game but on the main menu how many faces are there?

Vector is a proper old school Tower defence game but how many TOWER tower types does the game have?
( please look at the tower names.

how many create your own TD games are there on playTDG?

Creeper evermore is one the best energy game but on the credits page what is the first letter the name of the games devloper?

1945 defense was one my first sponsored game but how many games moes are there its on the menu?

The playTDG how many games are there in total? your looking for the first number use the top games section to help you.


Whats it the first number of the rating for pokemon tower defense 2. Please be sure to enter the code on this game and give the game a rating of 5 out 5 :)

Good luck guys please remeber the code will only work on my website Thanks AdminAnt

Please do not share the code :)

Oct 10

Command and Defend is a new real time strategy game where you must defeat your opponent before it is too late! Read more details for Command and Defend.
command and defend thumbnail

Raise your loyal troops, produce super powerful tanks, command your entire army to defend all your beholding as you ragingly attack every opponent that you encounter! Good luck commander and remember that the entire country is depending on your war tactics.

Watch Command and Defend:

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