May 8

Tricky Rick 2 is a new puzzling adventure where you help a fellow robot throughout SOS rescuing adventure. Read the game review for Tricky Rick 2 game.
tricky rick 2 walkthrough, icon, image

Help Tricky Rick to overcome all obstacles, neutralize all enemy robots, push as many buttons as needed, and collect all energy balls for sending an SOS sign and awaiting to be saved.

Watch Tricky Rick 2 Walkthrough [Full] video:

May 6

Royal Offense is a new strategy game where you send armies into intensive real-time war. Read the game review for Royal Offense and watch the full video walkthrough for Royal Offense game.
royal office walkthrough, guide and cheats

Become a land hunters by sending royal army into different battlefields, to fight against enemies and claim their castles. Lead the Royal Offense throughout pixelated world surrounded with magic, challenges and much more

Royal Offense Official Trailer:

Royal Offense Walkthrough part 1:

Royal Offense Walkthrough part 2:

May 5

Deity Quest is a new RPG game where your role starts as a young god who needs to obtain followers, convert them into divine power and become a true Overgod! Read the game review and watch the full video walkthrough for Deity Quest game.
deity quest trailer, walkthrough, icon

Gain divine powers by charming neutrals into followers and converting their soul into holy power. Gain power and become an Overgod! Deity Quest is a new RPG game featuring many enemies, lots of spells, vast worlds and much more!

Watch Deity Quest Deity Quest Trailer, Walkthrough and RPG Guide:

May 2

Gibbets 4 is the newest sequel of the popular archery game of shooting ropes and prevent innocent people from being hanged. Read the game information and watch the full video Walkthrough for Gibbets 4 game, for all 50 stages.
gibbets 4 walkthrough, video, guide and cheats

Gibbets 4 comes back with 50 new stages, 13 achievements, in-game level editor and hundreds of innocent people which are few seconds from being hanged. Adjust your aim good, and save those hanging people!

Watch Gibbets 4 Walkthrough [Full]:

Aim good, for parties and fun, and have a great weekend!

May 1

Decision Medieval is a new RPG game where you fight the undead during medieval times. Read the game review and watch the game walkthrough and RPG Guide video for Decision Medieval game.
decision medieval walkthrough, guide and screenshots

Brace yourself to fight the undead, attempt dangerous missions, fulfill heroic quests and save your kingdom in this RPG medieval game! Make the best Decision you have ever made, and become a true hero in this epic journey filled with mystery, dangers and rewards.

Watch Decision Medieval Official Trailer Video:

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