Dec 19

Ederon: Elder Gods is a new MMO card game based on fantasy, mystery and magic. Read more details abotu Ederon: Elder Gods.
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An epic MMO card game has arrived! Create your deck of warriors and join the eternal battle for power and domination. Try to become one of the Elder Gods at all costs! Have fun!

Watch Ederon: Elder Gods:

Dec 17

Bloons TD Battle is a new tower defense game that is played in Multiplayer mode with Splitscreen view. Read more details for Bloons TD Battle.
bloons td battle multiplayer thumbnail

Awesome tower defense game on epic scales of strategy containing defensive little monkeys and powerful cannons, fighting against hordes of shiny bloons has finally arrived! Now in Multiplayer mode!! We present you Bloons TD Battle - Multiplayer! Have fun!

Watch Bloons TD Battle - Multiplayer first gameplay:

Bloons TD Battle - Multiplayer:

Dec 15

HI ya guys another week and another update. Shiny Chimchar is the target pokemon for this week so best of luck guys. There will be 8 digit or letters in the clue. good luck here are the clues.

* digit or letters to the clues and good luck.


Download Games section contain games sponsored by PlayTDG. In there you can find Santa Defender where there are how many towers? Remember that trees aren’t towers.


Another chilly game that is sponsored by PlayTDG and can be easily found in our Download Games section is Ice War. When you first start to play it, how many igloos you have?


When you search for Bloons ( uing the search Bar on playTDG), few epic games will appear as result, where only one of images has a number on it. What is that number?


Tesla Death ray is a nazi game where they tryed to used Tesla technology but how many achivements does the game have?


Searching for refreshing drink inside the Fanta Factory sure is fun, but how many towers you can build in that TD game?


During the zombie apocalypse in Zombie Hospital you must save mankind, but how many playing modes are there?.


Your objective in Castle Clout is to catapult your enemies, but the question is how many soldiers are protecting the enemy king? On level 1

The first number of the games rating for the game POMEMON TOWER DEFENSE 2

Best of luck see you on the next clue

Thanks Admin and sam

Dec 14

Pocket Platoon is a new shooting game where you are the last hope for preventing the alien race to destroy our world! Read more details for Pocket Platoon.
pocket platoons thumbnail

Pocket Platoon is a new shooting game where you are the last hope for preventing the alien race to destroy our world! Our peaceful planet was visited by hordes of aliens from outer space, and peace was the last thing on their destructive mind. Your job is to guide these elite shooters thru one of a kind epic battle against all alien invaders out there!

Watch Pocket Platoon:

Enjoy the following weekend guys and girls, and remember to stand against the aliens when they came.

Dec 13

Snail Bob 3 is the latest point and click installment where your job is to literally guide the helpless little snail. Read more details for Snail Bob 3.
snail bob 3 thumbnail

Welcome to Egypt! Well at least the ancient one which is full with traps, dangers and lots of challenging obstacles. Sucked into the time portal, our little snail Bob gets caught up in ancient Egypt! Only you are smart enough to guide him thru this challenging adventure!

Watch Snail Bob 3 walkthrough:

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