May 7

Ninja Twins is a new kind of blocks moving game that will definitely claim the first spot of your hardest games to play list. Read more details and watch the full video walkthrough for Ninja Twins.
ninja twins walkthrough, icon and thumbnail

Accompanied by a deadly brother that is always ready to slaughter anyone he intercept, even if it is one of his family, facing against lots of crushable blocks, hidden shurikens and limited moves, the Ninja Twins are here to walk the right path that will lead at least one of them to the mysterious treasure chest. Have fun!


May 6

Bart Simpson Saw Game 2 is the latest point and click mini escape game from Inka Games. Read more details and watch the full video walkthrough for Bart Simpson Saw Game 2.
bart simpson saw game 2 walkthrough and guide, thumb icon

The evil Pigsaw puzzler has captured Bart Simpson into one of his mind twisted Room Escape puzzles. Now you must assist Bart to find his way thru the entire maze, as he collect items, help out to almost all Simpson Cartoon Characters, defeating mythological creatures and escaping out of this mess. Have fun playing this new simpsons game, or better said, dreaming the Bart Simpson’s dream.

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May 3

Stonelegs 2 is a new kind of platformer game where you need to jump, smash stones and collect orbs. Read more details and watch the full video walkthrough for Stonelegs 2 game.
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Embark on a pixelated journey where your enchanted legs of stone will definitely assist you to crush and smash every single obstacle you may run across to. The goal of this epic journey is to conquer the entire world with less jumps as possible.

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May 2

Escape from Roswell is a New and Free Point and Click game that is developed by Abroy Games studio. Read more details and watch the full video walkthrough for Escape from Roswell game.
escape from roswell walkthrough, guide and cheats

Critical errors and serious engine malfunctions caused the unknown flying object to forcibly land onto our planet Earth. But aside that, crazy looking scientists succeed to locate and kidnap one of two extra terrestrial life forms that were coming from outer space. Now it is up to you to help the other alien survivor to find and rescue his alien buddy.

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May 1

This is Not a Minimalist Game that originally is made for the Ludum Dare flash games contest. Read more details about how simple acts and vivid colors can change the entire world. Watch the full video walkthrough for This is Not a Minimalist Game.
this is not a minimalist game walkthrough, icon and thumbnail

This is Not a Minimalist game, but the main characters that play in, are really small and kindy squary heroes that looks much alike a small group of pixels. Transport cubes, place signs, bring colors and even life to this gray and minimalist world of yours. Have fun!

Watch: This is Not a Minimalist Game Walkthrough

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