Jun 24

HI guys AdminAnt here with another super duper pokemon clue this week its going to be for a Coagunk

Be sure to get all the answer from the clues to make the 8 digit and letter code good luck

* digit or letters to the clues and good luck.


Name your dwarf and enter the battlefields of Dwarf War where you can use what Shortcut/Hotkey Letter for hiring Dwarf Miner?


Tank Invasion is the best tanks versus towers kind of TD game where the most expensive tower cost $1000 and its name starts with what letter?


When you start Virological War, how many different blood cell groups are shown on the main menu?


Enter space where the Dark Base Defence game awaits you. There, Planet X689 is the first planet you invade, but what is the last letter of the base you defend? Hint: That line of text is colored yellow and its shown when you start a new game.


In the Extended version of Warzone Tower Defense, you can call a Bomb attack by pressing what Shortcut/Hotkey letter?


Searching for SECONDS (using the search box) will grant you an epic TD game where you need to survive for how many Minutes?


Find the magic land of ISTEROTH (using the search box) and start working on your own defense tactics. How many towers are there in total?

Searching for GHOSTS (using the search box) will yield you two results where on one of them you have to fight versus Zombies. There, playing the first map of Skirmish mode against AI opponent, will face you against how many Zombie enemies in total?

Best of luck see you on the next clue

Thanks AdminAnt

Jun 21

Forest Guardians is a new TD game where you play as fairy creature that needs to defend the entire forest! Read more details and watch the full video walkthrough for Forest Guardian.
forest guardians walkthrough guide and icons

Embrace natural powers and ancient spells to raise your army of defensive plants and enchant them with the perfectly matching source of defense. Plan your towers wise and have fun preventing the incoming monsters to reach and harm our mother nature!

Watch Forest Guardians Walkthrough:

Have fun the following weekend and always care for our irreplaceable Mother Nature!

Jun 20

Swarm Defender is a new Tower Defense game where your strategic goal is to prevent the incoming waves of bugs and nasty insects from reaching to the exit. Read more details and watch few game play videos for Swarm Defender TD game.
swarm defender walkthrough, guide and icon

Dive deep into space where the entire solar system desperately needs your defensive skills, tower building tactics and good will for saving the entire world! Nasty looking insects are looking forward to invade, conquer and destroy every planet they can, leaving you no other choices but to stand up and build your Tower Defense line! Featuring more than 15 different towers, up to 7 unique upgrades, more than ten different planets to defend and endless fun of Tower Defense gameplay! Enjoy!

Watch Swarm Defender TD game play 1:

Watch Swarm Defender TD game play 2:

Jun 19

Gear of Defense is a new based defending game where you utilize variety of guns to stood against incoming hordes of aliens. Read the game description and watch the video review for Gear of Defense strategy game.
gear of defense walkthrough, guide and cheats

From the beginning of time, mankind tendency was to invade and colonize all planets they could, but this time, our race run across the most hostile alien forms of life that would rather die than give away their land. Utilize variety of weapons as you stood against the most vicious aliens you have ever seen!


Jun 18

Save My Garden is a new TD game where your protect your garden from hordes of incoming bugs and other creeps. Read more details for Save My Garden.
save my garden thumbnail

Deploy your defensive plants and defend your farm products from hordes of incoming bugs, creepy spiders, nasty worms and aggressive ants! Strategically plan your moves, and give your best try to defend your farm with less towers as possible, but always know that upgrading your towers will be crucial for defeating the most annoying enemies.

Watch Save My Garden:

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