Aug 14

The Most Wanted Bandito 2 is a new fast-paced action game where you need to shoot your way to freedom. Read more details and watch the full video waltkhrough for The Most Wanted Bandito 2 flash game.
the most wanted bandito 2 walkthrough

Hello there your cowboy. Does your outlaw habits and shooting skills are good enough to be The Most Wanted Bandito, for a 2nd time? Well, there is one way to find out, and that way is to shoot your way thru all enemies as you gently gallop with your loyal horse. Good luck!

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Aug 13

There are Goblins at the Gate of your kingdom, and they aren’t here to admire your royalty thou. This is a new base defensive game where your goal is to stop all incoming hordes of creeps. Read more details and watch the full video walkthrough for Goblins at the Gate game.
goblins at the gates walkthrough and thumbnail

Hordes of raging goblins, ugly ghouls and aggressive trolls, are looking forward the day when the can drag down your army while tearing apart your kingdom! You must stand up and fight back against these greenish invasion, otherwise the world you live in, will be forever changed! Good luck!

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Aug 10

Modern Tanks is a new and majorly enchanted version of the classic tanks game. Read more details and watch the full game play video from Modern Tanks game.
modern tanks walkthrough, thumbnail and icon

Team up with your best friend and charge in a shooting battle where each of you controls a powerful tanks, and serves to protect the holy artifact. Featuring many stages, classic tank shooting game play, styled graphics, powerful enemies and much more!

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Aug 9
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HI guys AdminAnt here with another super duper pokemon clue this week its going to be for a Axew

Be sure to get all the answer from the clues to make the 8 digit and letter code good luck

* digit or letters to the clues and good luck.


In Runes and Magic, there is a snow-themed map called Gloomy Mountains. There, the first enemy wave sends 2 wild boars as enemies, but how many wild boars does the 2nd wave sends?


Choose your faction and dive into Humaliens Battle! That epic RTS game is Programmed by a person named Arief, but what is the first letter of his last name? Tip: you need to view the credits info to find out.


In Monsters TD your territory is invaded by total of seven types of scary looking monsters. If the first type of monster enemy is known as Joltick, then what is the first letter of the last monster enemy? Tip: the information you seek is located inside of the Guide of this game, which can be accessed when you press the Menu button during you play any stage


Relic of War is a cool war-themed game which was first played by the Alpha Tester known as Jonathan Manuel. This Alpha Tester has one other letter, right next to his name, and that letter is? Tip: you need to access the Credits info for finding out.


When playing Joe’s War, you can build few types of towers, including the Redoubt tower. How much Rate of Fire does the Redoubt tower have? Note: you need Towers, not units nor heroes.


Search for STARCRAFT (using the search box) and try to destroy the incoming Swarm invasion. There, when you play at Sector 1 planet, you will face against 6 waves of enemies, but the question is: how many Serpents does the 4th enemy wave contains?


Learn how to become a MERCENARY (using the search box) and play that epic TD game. At the beginning, there are only three unlocked heroes for you to play with. Advisor Gordan, Sir Alfred and a beautiful Trainee which name starts with what letter?


Find your CAPITAL (using the search box) and lay down your line of defence. There, for a cost of 100 gold coins, you can hire a group of Soldiers that will act as defensive towers. How many soldiers does one group contains?

Best of luck see you on the next clue

Thanks AdminAnt

Aug 7

Harry Quantum 3: Cheese Carnival is the latest point and click adventure for Harry and his salvation-related objectives. Read more details and watch the full video walkthrough for Harry Quantum 3: Cheese Carnival game.
harry quantum 3 cheese carnival walkthrough

The most skilled private detective, Harry Quantum, is assigned on his 3rd Point and Click mission where he needs to locate and retrieve the green cheese! Enjoy gathering clues and revealing secrets during the Cheese Carnival where will meat and investigate all kinds of strange creatures. Have fun!

Watch Harry Quantum 3: Cheese Carnival Walkthrough:

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