Jan 30

Shape Fold 2 is a new sequel of shape shifting and holes filling, puzzled fun. Read the game review for Shape Fold 2, and watch the full video Walkthrough for completion the entire Shape Fold 2 game.
shape fold 2 walkthrough, guide and cheats

Twist some shapes and move few joints as you strive to fill up the empty gaps and create a new cool item. Move pieces of the puzzle and have fun becoming the best shape folder!

Watch Shape Fold 2 walkthrough:

Jan 10

Warlords RTS is a new strategy game where you play a role as a high Warlord who needs to stand against hordes of enemies. Read more details and watch the full gameplay video for Warlords RTS game.
warlords rts walkthrough, guide and cheats

This game is exclusive for Android and Iphone based devices, so you need to have one in order to play Warlords RTS. Control your hero and charge into battle against monsters, goblins and other nasty looking enemies who dare to destroy your kingdom.

Have fun the following weekend!

Jan 7

Monsters Town Defense is a new real time strategy game where you raise an army of monsters and unleash their rage upon all humans on sight! Read more details and watch the video gameplay for Monsters Town Defense game.
monsters town defense game

Build barracks, train monsters, invest into new fighting equipment and charge into real-time strategy war against humanity! Monsters Town Defense is a new strategy game which features plenty of missions, different types of monsters and enemies, lots of weapons and tons of battling fun.

Jan 6

Click Battle Madness is a new strategy game where you use the power of matching units to overpower and defeat the incoming hordes of enemies. Read more details and watch the full video walkthrough for Click Battle Madness game.
click battle madness walkthrough

Organize good wizards in groups of 3 or more, aiding them to withstand the incoming vikings and overpower their brutal rage. This unique hybrid combines Match 3 games with real-time strategy elements where the final goal is a defensive one, and that is to protect your castle from all incoming enemies.

Watch Click Battle Madness Walkthrough video:

Jan 3

Santa Up There is a new simple game for kids where you play as Santa and your mission is to jump on platforms for as high as you can. Read more details and watch the full video Gameplay and video Walkthrough for Santa Up There game for kids.
santa up there walkthrough, guide and cheats

Help Santa to jump on platforms, collect rocket launching powerups, fly with balloons and jump with platforms, in order to reach the best jumping score of his life. Have fun playing Santa Up There, a new game for kids where you must avoid spikes, cactus or, falling down of course.

Enjoy the following weekend !!

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