Mar 26

Island Clash is a new TD game where you face against hordes of enemies, right in the heart of the jungle. Read the game review and watch Island Clash official trailer, along with All Levels Island Clash Walkthrough videos.
island clash walkthrough, guide and images

Enter the dense jungle and play thru 10 highly illustrated maps, building towers and developing efficient defensive tactics for saving your base, clashing with enemies and earning achievements.

Watch Island Clash Official Trailer:

Watch Island Clash Walkthrough Levels 1-6

Watch Island Clash Walkthrough Levels 7-10

Mar 24

Loot Heroes is a new RPG game where after you choose a hero, the real quest of fighting monsters can truly begin. Read the flash game review and watch the whole Loot Heroes Walkthrough video right here at
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Choose a hero before you delve into dungeons filled with monsters, unlock treasure box and slay powerful bosses as you walk over the path of justice and law. Welcome to Loot Heroes, a new RPG adventure game for you to play.

Mar 21

Wizland Arena is a new survival game where you are facing thousands of aggressive creatures. Read more and watch the Wizland Arena Walkthrough video.
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Choose a hero and dare to enter Wizland Arena, the ultimate survival game! Get ready to face against hordes of enemies, crazy creatures and raging beasts! Utilize variety weapons while eliminating your enemies and saving your own skin and life.

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Mar 20

Tinysasters 2 walkthrough is a new strategy game where your objective is to build a new tiny civilization. Read the game review and watch Tinysasters 2 gameplay video.
tynasters 21

Place tents, form villages and raise your cities as you strive to get the required resources for creating the mini civilization. Tinysasters 2 comes with new types of buildings, improved gameplay and visual effects, lots of ingame missions and tons of building fun!

Watch Tinysasters 2 Walkthrough Video:

Feb 21

Summon the Hero is a new strategy game where you need to summon your heroes and defend your base in tower defense style. Read the game review and watch the Walkthrough video for Summon the Hero TD game.
summon the hero walkthrough, thumbnail and cheats

Summon the Hero, out of three noble heroes, and burst into defensive stance cause thousands of monsters are going to destroy your kingdom. Featuring many units, lots of styled stages, tons of TD fun and much more, only if you manage to summon the right hero and proudly defend your land.

Watch Summon the Hero Walkthrough video:

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