Apr 3

Mad Burger 2 is a new burgers launching game and feeding hungry Xmas elves. Read the game review and watch the full video walkthrough for Mad Burger 2 game.
mad burger 2 walkthrough icon

Grab a juicy burger and launch it towards feeding the hungry Xmas Elves! Mad Burger 2 comes with new set of kitchen upgrades, lots of greedy and hungry passers, tons of collectable stuff and endless burger launching fun!

Apr 2

Sneaky Dex is a new puzzle platformer game where you help a fellow robot to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles along the way. Read the game review and watch the full video walkthrough for Sneaky Dex flash game.
sneaky dex walkthrough, guide and cheats

Help Sneaky Dex to sneak his way to the main vault, illegally posses all valuable stuff from there, and get out of robot land! Get ready to push buttons, jump with jumping boosters, avoid deadly lasers and even command little droids to do whatever it takes to collect all keys and secure your way out of there.

Watch Sneaky Dex Walkthrough:

Apr 1

Defense of the Portal is a new flash game for shooters where the objective is to protect your base from hordes of enemy soldier.
defence of the portal walkthrough image

Utilize various weapons, guns and bombs while building and upgrading different types of towers and automatic turrets in order to protect your base and defend the portal. Become the portal guardian and let no ignorant enemy to pass unharmed!

Watch Defence of the Portal Walkthrough Video:

Mar 28

Diamonds Chase is a new point and click game where your quest for money is about to start. Watch the video walkthrough for Diamonds Chase adventure game.
diamonds chase walkthrough

Chase those diamonds and make them part of your belongings, cause that is the only way to be come filthy rich and ridiculous powerful. Interact with people, collect items, solve in game puzzles and dig thru the mountain that hides those shiny gems.

Diamonds Chase Walkthrough

Have fun the following weekend!

Mar 27

Solandia: Uprising is a new RTS game where your king assigns you to defeat all enemies of the castle. Read the game review and watch the full video walkthrough for Solandia Uprising game.
solandia uprising game

Raise soldiers, unlock chaotic spells, upgrade your troops and stand against your enemies, slashing every single of them along destroying their beloved castle.

Watch Solandia: Uprising Walkthrough and Strategy Guide:

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