Jun 28

lockergnome plays a Desktop Tower Defense game with Defense Grid which was created by Hidden Path Entertainment, The CEO of Hidden Path Entertainment (the game company that created this game) jeff is giving lockergnome a insight into the game. It can be downloaded today on Steam and Direct2Drive!

Thanks AdminAnt.

Jun 28

A demo of the new tower defense game out for iPhone and iPod touch, More info here http://www.dothehudson.net/ .

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May 16

Hi guys AdminAnt here

with gemcraft Chapter Zero Guide to the last Level Gem of Eternity

As you can see he start of buy mainly focusing his building on the left hanmd side of the screen and places to towers sothe range of them has the maximum distance to shoot the enemys then slowly start working on the right hand side.

noone has beat the game without kill ever creep on the last level but the devloper does say it is possible.

anyone up for the challenge

Thanks AdminAnt

Gemcraft Chapter Zero

May 6

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HI Guys AdminAnt

Here is Farm Yard Tower defense walkthrough and guide to warfare TD.

Please be sure to check out new games and walkthrough here at the playTowerdefensegames blog

HI guys.

Main objective for playing farm Yard TD id the following Look to place high combinations of towers ina small areas as the game is not to challenging. Build lots of basic towers and splash these are the major towers you can build. happy playing.



Apr 18

Yeah guys its here gemcraft capter zero.

Click to play the game

We will be adding the game to playtowerdefensegames.com as soon as humanly possible as the game is on armorgames only until public release.

The level are bigger hard with more upgrades and features.


Screenshot Of Besieged


Gemcraft Chapter Zero

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