Jan 4

Hi guys Kongquake is proud to present the walkthrough for the super new and super good tower defense game Defend Your Honor!.

the guides show you from the first room to the last room.

the game does really increase in challenges after each floor and the last room is pretty hard check out the first room video here

Defend Your Honor

Dec 24
Age Of War 2
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OMG its here and will be with us soon Age Of War 2

check out this amazing videos

and this one

Thanks Anthony

May 21

Hi Guys AdminAnt here

Here is a guide and walkthrough to the last level on HomeBoy Heroes

There is a certain amount of luck playing the game.
But if you can get past the 7th level then you should win fine.

Here is a youtube video of the last level.

Homeboy Heroes Click to Play

HomeBoy Heroes Strategy by Ayumilove
1. Build towers in the center so your towers can deal with the fast cars first and later the slow cars.
2. When the upgrade cost much more than a building another different type of thug. purchase that thug.
3. Its best to switch to machine gun thug as they are able to attack fast, and creeps provide little money.
4. Use TNT to slow enemies down, while you are trying to earn additional cash for upgrades.
5. Take advantage of the corner of the building to gain maximum attacking range.
6. Its best to have a higher level thug than many lower level thug.
7. As thug increases rank, they also increases their attacking range, attacking speed and damage.

Below are the tower pricing in HomeBoy Heroes

May 16

Hi guys AdminAnt here

with gemcraft Chapter Zero Guide to the last Level Gem of Eternity

As you can see he start of buy mainly focusing his building on the left hanmd side of the screen and places to towers sothe range of them has the maximum distance to shoot the enemys then slowly start working on the right hand side.

noone has beat the game without kill ever creep on the last level but the devloper does say it is possible.

anyone up for the challenge

Thanks AdminAnt

Gemcraft Chapter Zero

May 6

Hi Guys AdminAnt here

The Fortside 

Click to play

Is a new Tower Defense game coming out soon

Sponsored by arcadebomb.com for around $3000

-Tower defense game with some additional micromanagement and old
school pixelart art

- 3 types of towers, 9 upgrade types

- 15 maps, 14 enemie types

- Fantastic music, that matchs to game atmosphere

- learning curve and VERY nice art :)

Here is a Preview Picture





Screenshot Of Turret Defense 2

In Game




Screenshot Of Turret Defense 2

Over All the game is not to bad maybe the main thing that the game will 100% get slated for withh be not having enough towers and upgrade options. The game play and the level the game gets harder is brilliant.

Thanks Anthony

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