Jun 13

HI Guys the new game upgrade complete total amzing new game by armor games.

With your objective is to complete the game but to do so you have to upgrade everything in the game from the main menus to the graphics in game.

Thanks Anthony

check out this video of the last level sorry about the low quility

Click to play Upgrade Complete

May 6

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HI Guys AdminAnt

Here is Farm Yard Tower defense walkthrough and guide to warfare TD.

Please be sure to check out new games and walkthrough here at the playTowerdefensegames blog

HI guys.

Main objective for playing farm Yard TD id the following Look to place high combinations of towers ina small areas as the game is not to challenging. Build lots of basic towers and splash these are the major towers you can build. happy playing.



Apr 18

Yeah guys its here gemcraft capter zero.

Click to play the game

We will be adding the game to playtowerdefensegames.com as soon as humanly possible as the game is on armorgames only until public release.

The level are bigger hard with more upgrades and features.


Screenshot Of Besieged


Gemcraft Chapter Zero

Apr 9

Hi guide Here is a help section and a guide to Line Tower wars

Line Tower Wars

How to Play

Ok when open up the game you start by choosing you difficulty level. I reccoment a easy setting for new players.




Line Tower Wars

Whats Next


How so your now in the game page. you need to start of by building you maze. There are 3 forms of maze that i fine affective. Make sure that your maze does not block the creeps other wise you will need to restart your maze.

check out




Line Tower Wars

Ok now you setup your maze you need to spend your $200 on towers. To remove a wall to build a Tower simple click on the wall u need to deleted. Nnow it been deledted click on the tower of choice and and replace the empty square. You can upgrade tower by clicking on them check the small box on the top right for Cost and the Upgrade.

1.Shredder ( fast fire Rate short Range)
2.Launcher ( Long range Slow fire rate)
3.Hammer ( Mediuem range attack and speed) a bit expensive.


Line Tower Wars

So now you should have build your maze and you Defence.


OK now you should see you have a additional $100 funds in game. There funds are to build Offence with.there are 21 Creeps to chose from some may not be avaible as there to expensive to start with.

Select 2x the cheapest.


Ok as you maybe see your creep start going down the Blue maze, the blue maze creeps start going down the pruple maze abnd the ligh blue down your maze.

If your Creep goes down a maze without dieing it goes to the next maze ( but not your own). You get a steal a Life if it goes down the maze without dieing but you will lose a life if there creep goes down down you maze and get thruogh without dieing.

It abour having the correct balenece of attack and defense.

Once all lives of a player has gone they do not play in the game anymore. when you lose all your lifes it game over and if you take all the lifes of the computer you WIN and you have complted the game and try a harder setting.

I will be making a Video On how to play This Game aswell

Mar 28

Today were reviewing the flash game “1945 Tower Defense”

1945 Tower Defense @ PlayTowerDefenseGames.com

Screenshot Of 1945 Tower Defense

1945 Tower Defense

Set back to the days of 1945 where world war II was set back at when germany was invading the waters of the united kingdom, Help save the land by constructing turrets to blow down the planes that try to get across uk land and bomb the towns of the uk.

How Do You Play?

Playing 1945 Tower Defense, Deploy your defense turrets across the map (including the water), By either click and drag or pressing b to build your selection of turrets you have a wide range of them from automatic’s to cannon’s.

Screenshot Of 1945 Tower Defense
Screenshot Of 1945 Tower Defense

The Levels

Even though the level remain’s constant you can pritty much plan out your defense from the start and build a overall strong defense from the invading planes that keep on coming, My advice would be to go in lines in defense rather than plotting them all over the place at random which would help you gain more advantage from each incoming wave, The music seems to boost the addicting focus onto the game.

Overall Rating?

This game is great and addicting and good music selection and overall theme, sound effects are great, invaders attempt to fly over you each wave and more and more come until you can’t handle any!… You need a good plan and layout to stay above the invading planes… You can even submit your score directly to PlayTowerDefenseGames.com!

Rated 10/10

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