Feb 21


Ageless War is new strategy, war styled game enchanted with beauty of the old retro pixel graphics. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough and a guide of how to defeat your enemies. Here are the full details for Ageless War.
ageless war thumbnail
Wage war against different eras of soldiers as you build your city, purchase weapons and armor, and cast powerful magic spells.

Place buildings that create soldiers to fight against the enemy and destroy their base. Upgrade your buildings and equipment to help overpower the enemy.

- Offers over 25 buildings with 3 upgrades each totalling 75+ buildings!
- Over hundreds of combined weapons and armor.
- Saves players unlocks for returning players.

Give your best and try to conquer the whole world!


Feb 18


Galaxy Tower Defense is new strategy game that will lead you to the outer space in order to protect your galaxy! The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough. Here are the full details for Galaxy Tower Defense.
galaxy tower defense thumbnail


Defend your galaxy from an enemy invasion. Three different gameplay modes available!

The goal is to try to stop enemies from crossing the map by building towers which shoot at them as they pass. When an enemy is defeated or you complete a round, you earn more money, which is used to buy or upgrade towers.
The choice and positioning of the towers is the essential strategy of the game.

Galaxy Tower Defense games contains all of the following Features:

-Unique towers. Each tower has it’s unique effect.
-Abilities. Use the abilities to temporary increase the stats of your towers or gain other benefits.
-Upgrades. Permanently upgrade the stats of your towers.
-Achievements. You can achieve various goals in the game. Complete all achievements to unlock a special reward.
-3 unique modes available. Survival mode, Boss mode and Tactical mode.

Still not interested in Galaxy Tower Defense? Then check out this awesome trailer that will change your mind

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Feb 17

Successful Experiment is new physics game that will test your experimental skills and sense for balance. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough. Here are the full details for Successful Experiment.
successful experiment thumbnail
Run great physical experiments with different types of sport balls to reach the goal flag in each contraption of this funny puzzle.

Use unique properties of different sport balls to complete each level of this physical puzzle, by moving eight ball to the goal flag.
Try to get as much score as possible!

Watch the Successful Experiment game trailer

Feb 16


Modern Tactics 4 is the latest part from the Modern Tactics flash game series. Modern Tactics 4 is a new turn-based game enchanted with special gameplay in which you need to save all hostages. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrogh. Here are the full details for Modern Tactics 4
modern tactics 4 thumbnail

Equip your squad with guns and charge the enemy base. Use strategy to your advantage.
You begin with a simple squad with little gear. As the game progresses your squad gets stronger and gets more guns / grenades to use.

You play as Dani a secret military personal assigned a mission to take down Malloc. This guy is killing innocent people and drilling oil in multiple countries. As you fight against Malloc, your squad will gain experience and find new weapons. With the experience you can upgrade your characters stats, health, attack and unlock new abilities. Each soldier will have a given class (SAS, Radioman, Rifleman, Support, etc.)

Modern Tactics 4 will also have the following cool features:
* 30 Mission Campaign (Snow, grass and desert levels)
* Rank up individual soldiers
* Unlock classes, abilities, levels and more
* Destroy doors, oil barrels, crates and more!
* The game includes an editor for custom games.


Feb 14

Siegius is new strategy-war game in which you control your ancient styled army, and is awaiting for a walkthrough. Here are the full details for Siegius.
siegius thumbnail

Battle through multiple Campaigns while upgrading and using dozens of unique units and spells. Choose your army out of three mighty types of warriors: the Roman Legion, the Gallic Tribes or the Boarathians. Each of these warrior groups have their own unique skills, which combined with your commanding skills will lead you to victory!

Watch the Sieguis original trailer right here

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