Apr 15

Unreal Flash 3 is the latest soon to be released third installment of the hugely popular Unreal Flash series! Read more details for Unreal Flash 3.
unreal flash 3 thumbnail

Unreal Flash is back! Bigger, Better and way more explosive! This fast action shooter game will throw you into an adrenaline junkie’s paradise combining pick-up and play simplicity with terrific fast-paced action which is sure to keep even the biggest adrenaline junkies satisfied!

Unreal Flash 3 Features:
- Box2d Physics
- 10 brand new weapons
- 10 maps
- 4 game modes
- dynamic sound manipulation
And more!

Unreal Flash 2007 had 6 million views in the first week after the launch. The game exploded on the internet, spreading over ten thousands of websites.

After 100-million gameplays we decided to build a totally new engine to run the game. We integraded the newest techniques and we proudly present this game to you.

Here is the official trailer for Unreal Flash 3:

Its Friday guys, which brings me up memories from listening the youtube sensation song ( Rebecca Black - It’s Friday) and I’m glad that the week is over.
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Apr 14

DuckLife 3: Evolution is the third part of the most famous game with ducks that ever exist! The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrouhg and strategy guide. Here are more details for DuckLife 3: Evolution.
ducklife 3 evolution thumbnail

Back by popular demand, Ducklife 3 is the newest addition to the critically acclaimed DuckLife series of games, which itself has seen over 45 million plays worldwide.
The third instalment of the highly popular DuckLife series. Train up your duck and enter it in races!

Train your duckling to become the champion of racing ducks and save your farm. Run, swim, and fly your way to be the leader of the flock as you train and race your duck.

This time, Ducklife meets Pokemon as the ducks can evolve to become naturally better at certain skills.

Apr 12

Kaboomz 2 is a new sequel to the popular balloon shooter Kaboomz. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthroug, cheats and hints. Read more details for Kaboomz 2.
kaboomz 2 thumbnail

Use your cannon to pop the balloons before they leave the screen. But the tricky part is that you need to pop up some, while rescuing the others.

Kaboomz 2 is laced with some new Features such as:
- 3 new settings
- New balloons to save
- Walls to crush to rubble
- 30 levels of fun
- New soundtrack
- Improved speed and performance

A short video preview of Kaboomz 2 is available just for you to watch:

Apr 11

Flagstaff: Chapter Two is the second part of the new turn-based strategy game. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough and a strategy guide. Here are more details for Flagstaff: Chapter Two.
flagstaff chapter two thumbnail

A fantasy turn-based tactical game with procedurally-generated dungeons and a slew of character upgrades to choose from. Hunt down and do battle with the King’s arch-nemesis: Attila the Pun!

Flagstaff is a fantasy turn-based tactical game. Flagstaff: Chapter One was released in February and received over 350,000 plays on Kongregate, and over 300,000 on Armor Games.

The second chapter of Flagstaff includes these Features:
- the next chapter in the ongoing story, in which the party meets the King’s arch-nemesis: Attila the Pun!
- new enemies, including a boss character (Attila)
- a new player character: The King
- new abilities and upgrades, unique to each player character
- many upgrades and abilites now have multiple levels, making a total of 89 available upgrades.

Apr 8

Chief is a new colorful adventure-strategy game in which you need to control the young chieftain to drive tribesmen into their Indian camp. The game will be released soon and is awaiting for a walkthrough and a full guide of how to play. Here are more details for Chief.
chief thumbnail

As a young chieftain you must to drive tribesmen into their camps in this colorful funny game. Guide your chieftain to interact with other old chiefs or tribesman in order to take, complete and finish all kinds of funny, yet challenging tasks. If you’re good enough and be a fast learner, who knows what will happen… Maybe someday you’re ride on a buffalo.

Chief Features:
- Game for all audience;
- Filled up with many puzzle elements;
- Enchanted with nice graphics;
- 20 tasks in one seamless game world;
- Auto save after task;

Check out the official trailer for Chief, right now:

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