May 11

Doodle God 2 is the long awaited sequel from creators of Doodle God/Devil series! This Doodle God 2 walkthrough post will be updated as soon we find get more details.
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Doodle God 2 developed by JoyBits Ltd features improved reactions set, tons of funny quotes, two additional episodes of gameplay and updated graphics. The ultimate World Creation experience work your way up, all the way from bacteria and beetles, to clay and ceramics, to tools, weapons and beyond. But beware, creating a whole world is not so easy – inventing the wheel might just end in a plague of zombies. Unleash your inner god with Doodle God 2!

doodle god 2 screen

Here is the Doodle God video walkthrough:

Here is the Doodle God 2 Elements list. Enjoy playing.

void + electricity = radio wave
light bulb + radio wave = tv
tv + book = computer
void + glass = lightbulb
radiowave + radiowave = radiation
sand + tree = palm tree
seeds + energy = coffee
void + airplane = rocket
Void + rocket= Satellite
Radio wave + fire = laser
laser + book = CD
metal + water = quicksilver
quick silver demigod= philospers stone
Apple + cell phone = gold
human + computer = cyborg
computer + computer = internet
metal + radiation = plutonium
plutonium + weapon = Nuclear Bomb
computer + radio wave = cell phone
tree + flower = apple
energy + fire = plasma
plasma + void = sun
sun + grass = flower
sun + flower = sunflower

sand + glass = clock
commandments + human = religion
religion + human = law + sin
Beast + house = cat + dog
tools + law = mechanism
alcoholic + ship = pirate
waater + glass = ice
book + human = knowledge
warrior + firearm = soldier
gold + paper = money
knowledge + fish = octopus
bacteria + milk = cheese
money + human = work
beetle + work = ant
human + bacteria = virus
mechanism + book = typewriter
knowledge + human = scientist
fish + egg = caviar
alcoholic + house = tavern
apple + dough = pie
law + soldier = policeman
ice + milk = ice cream
knowledge + virus = medicine
fire + meat = steak
reed + field = sugar
ice + mechanism = freezer
secks + human = fun
reed + human = music
human + rocket = astronaut
corpse + electricity = death metal
medicine + bacteria = antibiotics
music + alcohol = rock-n-roll
alcohol + grass = absinthe
money + skyscraper = bank
computer + virus = hacker
coffee + vodka = b-52
law + fun = games
alcohol + pirate = rum
sugar + bread = cookies
alcoholic + money = hangover
money + bank = debt
debt + money = credit card
vodka + firearm + russian roulette
secks + secks = censored
typewriter + human = journalist
life + void = alien
beast + medicine = rat
vodka + worm = tequila
fire + vodka = molotov cocktail
milk + vodka = white russian
water + water = sea
sun + sea = salt
rocket + alien = ufo

Doodle God 2 video walkthrough will be posted here soon. Till then use all Doodle God 2 Elements list above.

Apr 22

Today were reviewing the flash game “Storm Winds

Storm Winds @

Screenshot Of Storm Winds

Storm Winds

This great defense game is a great all round game where you can build many selection of towers that have the abilty to level up. Challenge modes and a story line the game is really good and is a great challenge.

How Do You Play?

Playing Storm Winds, Faced with more Challenges you must protect the town by constructing turrets on only the selection highlighted spots, Using your mouse click on a turret and fire apon each evil mech flying object that trys to destroy your defenses!…

Screenshot Of Storm Winds
Screenshot Of Storm Winds

The Levels

The levels are the same but as with every flash game you get new evil mechs flying around you, Also there are sometimes more than one boss on each level so prepare yourself for that quickly.

Overall Rating?

The controls are straight forward with the mouse, But you got to wait on to upgrade your stuff which is really a bother as you want to use your income towards them to make them stronger too. And the limited amount of spaces to put your turrets doesn’t help either. But saying that the game experiance once your into it gets better but way harder too, If your after something new and harder to play then this is your game to play.

Rated 6/10

Apr 19

Today were reviewing the flash game “Buzz

Buzz @

Screenshot Of Buzz


Protect the bee hive with your single bee and a huge gun. Pretty cool then u face a final boss that is a queen bee.

How Do You Play?

Playing Buzz, Protect the bee hive at all costs don’t let any get past you and attack the hive but with a small bee you get one big gun to play with in defending it. Using the wsad keys on your keyboard to move around and spacebar to fight your grenade launcher and left click on the mouse to fire as normal, Its auto reload too so don’t worry about that part.

Screenshot Of Buzz
Screenshot Of Buzz

The Levels

Even though as many games the levels are the same, All you really need to do is defend the hive from the invading bee’s and queen’s!…

Overall Rating?

Its more of a combat game than a defending one as your too busy blowing up bees to even consider defending the hive, But still a pritty funny and fun game to play when bored.

Rated 5/10

Apr 19

Today were reviewing the flash game “Turret Defense 2

Turret Defense 2 @

Screenshot Of Turret Defense 2

Turret Defense 2

Is a pretty basic game kinda like robot terrors but more basic without any combos.

How Do You Play?

Playing Turret Defense 2, Fight off the invading robots and vehicles that attempt to destroy your tower… Using your mouse to aim and left click to fight destroy them all with your force!…

Screenshot Of Turret Defense 2
Screenshot Of Turret Defense 2

The Levels

Although the music is good the level isn’t really all great with its gray outlook and black coloured blobs running at you too.

Overall Rating?

Great music choice, But a really boring game as its one of those flash games where you’ll find it fun but only for a limited time as the controls are basic just like the game it self.

Rated 4/10

Apr 19

Today were reviewing the flash game “The Great Siege

The Great Siege @

Screenshot Of The Great Siege

The Great Siege

This is a another great defense game where you and your army have there own village and you can build troops in battle while opertaing a catapult.

How Do You Play?

Playing The Great Siege, Create your empire by selecting on the build button and select to build places such as, market, palace, barracks then take your battle to the field using the up and down keys and spacebar to fire apon the incoming invaders, All from across the land attempt to ruin your empire and claim war on your land. Show them you can put up a fight a play…

Screenshot Of The Great Siege
Screenshot Of The Great Siege

The Levels

The levels are the same but there are many upgrades on your defenses and you can send in your army on each level to help you out.

Overall Rating?

You will be confused at first playing it but then its a great game to be used to playing and some what addicting too.

Rated 8/10

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