First Pokemon Tower Defense 2 Mystery Code Zorua

Hi there Guys welcome to the first PlayTDG pokemon Tower defense 2 Mystery code for the Zorua. Remeber guys the code will only work on my website so please go to Pokemon Tower Defense 2 to enter the code.

The code is 8 digits or letters long good luck finding the clue they will contain clues and from tower defense games on my website good luck please post a comment asking for help but DONT NO POST THE ANSWER otherwise sam will slap you :)

Thanks AdminAnt

Check the top Games section on playTDG home page look for the game that was added on the 22nd April 2009 what is the first number for the amount of games played :)

Defeating monsters in a endless dungeon sounds fun but out question is on Infinite Dungeon RPG how many classes are there total to choose from?

How many Modern Tactics Games are there on the the PLayTDG website you can check by search for modern tactics :)

Pandemic 2 is you being in control of a deadly virus or fungus but the question is on the main menu how many skulls are there?

In the game Tentacle Wars The Purple Menace How many levels are there in the main game. The number you are after is the FIRST number.

The play Tower Defense Home page whats the first letter you see ( top left)

When you play The Expendables 2 TD select rest of the world and play the game the first level of the game has a letter what letter is this?


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