May 20

Cat Around Africa is 4th part of the epic physics-based journey of the cute hungry kitten. Read the game description and watch the Full Video Walkthrough for Cat Around Africa 4 part game.
cat around africa walkthrough, thumbnail and screens

The hungry cat is back for more sweets eating fun, alongside traveling around Africa. Remove shapes, break glass and push objects in order to feed the hungry cat and have lots of traveling fun!

Watch Cat Around Africa Walkthrough - Video Walkthrough for Cat Around Africa 4 game:

May 19

Pirateers 2 is a new action shooting game which takes action right on the flat ocean. Read the game review and watch Pirateers 2 game walkthrough.
pirateers 2 walkthrough, guide and cheats

Be a pirate, hire mercenaries, raid the seas and stand against other pirates, the royal navy and even epic sea monsters in this frantic shooting game! The goal is to find and illegally obtain the lost artifact. Good luck!

Watch Pirateers 2 walkthrough:

May 16

VikingLand is a new TD game where your job is to protect and save the viking race. Read the game review and watch the full video walkthrough for VikingLand TD game.
vikingland walkthrough, guide and cheats

Raise towers, improve your defense and stand against hordes of enemies, all this for the sake of protecting the viking clan.

Watch VikingLand walkthrough:

Have one fun and fantastically long weekend, guys and girls!

May 15

Treehouse Hero is a new base defense game where your playing role acts as a brave squirrel who stands against hordes of hungry for acorn, aliens. Read the game review and watch Treehouse Hero walkthrough video.
treehouse hero waltkhrough, guide and cheats

Brace yourself, forest animals, and let the Treehouse Hero stop the incoming alien invasion and protect your beloved food! Those floating aliens must be popped away, and slashing them in half or blasting them to pieces or setting them on fire, are the only ways for achieving that! Protect the forest and have fun becoming the next Treehouse Hero!

Watch Treehouse Hero Official Trailer video:

Watch Treehouse Hero Walkthrough Guide:

May 14

Pursuit of Hat 2 is the newest puzzling adventure where you will literally tear off arms and legs in order to reach and get your beloved hat back onto your empty head. Read the game review and watch the full video walkthrough for Pursuit of Hat 2 game.
pursuit of hat 2 walkthrough, guide and cheats

Tear off your limbs, legs, arms and even your empty head, in this puzzle platformer game where you try to find the lost hat, and put it back onto your head. The Pursuit of Hat 2 continues with new gameplay elements, lots of dangers and traps, fancy looking hats and much more!

Watch the [full] Walkthrough video for Pursuit of Hat 2 game:

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