Pokemon TD 2 Phantump Mystery Gif

Hello, Sam here bringing you the latest PTD clue this week. We have our ghostly/grassy friend Phantump this week so lets get on with it.

Be sure to get all the answer from the clues to make the 8 digit and letter code that you will insert in PTD2’s Mystery Gift section on this website, good luck


What is the first letter of Pokemon Trainer Ash’s Last Name?

Clue 2 & 3

What is Pikachu’s National Pokedex Number?

Clue 4 & 5

How many Fairy type pokemon are there as of Pokemon X and Y?

Clue 6

How many chapters (including the Epiloge) does PTD 1’s story mode have?

Clue 7

What is the first letter of the first pokemon Ash’s captured (after pikachu) in the pokemon anime?

Clue 8

What is the first letter of the Giveaway pokemon that is part of this Mystery Gift?

Thanks for Playing!

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