Mar 31

Turrets and Tanks is a new base defense game where thousands enemies are trying to destroy your base. Watch the game walkthrough for Turrets and Tanks.
turrets and tanks walkthrough icon

Build turrets, upgrade your tanks, plan effective shooting strategies and stand against hordes of incoming enemies, raging soldiers who are rushing to destroy your base!

Mar 28

Diamonds Chase is a new point and click game where your quest for money is about to start. Watch the video walkthrough for Diamonds Chase adventure game.
diamonds chase walkthrough

Chase those diamonds and make them part of your belongings, cause that is the only way to be come filthy rich and ridiculous powerful. Interact with people, collect items, solve in game puzzles and dig thru the mountain that hides those shiny gems.

Diamonds Chase Walkthrough

Have fun the following weekend!

Mar 27

Solandia: Uprising is a new RTS game where your king assigns you to defeat all enemies of the castle. Read the game review and watch the full video walkthrough for Solandia Uprising game.
solandia uprising game

Raise soldiers, unlock chaotic spells, upgrade your troops and stand against your enemies, slashing every single of them along destroying their beloved castle.

Watch Solandia: Uprising Walkthrough and Strategy Guide:

Mar 26

Island Clash is a new TD game where you face against hordes of enemies, right in the heart of the jungle. Read the game review and watch Island Clash official trailer, along with All Levels Island Clash Walkthrough videos.
island clash walkthrough, guide and images

Enter the dense jungle and play thru 10 highly illustrated maps, building towers and developing efficient defensive tactics for saving your base, clashing with enemies and earning achievements.

Watch Island Clash Official Trailer:

Watch Island Clash Walkthrough Levels 1-6

Watch Island Clash Walkthrough Levels 7-10

Mar 25

Hello, Sam here bringing you the latest PTD clue this week. We have our ghostly/grassy friend Phantump this week so lets get on with it.

Be sure to get all the answer from the clues to make the 8 digit and letter code that you will insert in PTD2’s Mystery Gift section on this website, good luck


What is the first letter of Pokemon Trainer Ash’s Last Name?

Clue 2 & 3

What is Pikachu’s National Pokedex Number?

Clue 4 & 5

How many Fairy type pokemon are there as of Pokemon X and Y?

Clue 6

How many chapters (including the Epiloge) does PTD 1’s story mode have?

Clue 7

What is the first letter of the first pokemon Ash’s captured (after pikachu) in the pokemon anime?

Clue 8

What is the first letter of the Giveaway pokemon that is part of this Mystery Gift?

Thanks for Playing!

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