Nov 29

HI guys AdminAnt here with another super duper pokemon clue this week its going to be for a Special Legendary Kyurem

Be sure to get all the answer from the clues to make the 8 digit and letter code good luck

* digit or letters to the clues and good luck.


Age of Defense can award you with more than 20 different achievements, but the question is How Many Orange Achievements are there? Tip: There are 8 Red Achievements.


Zack’s Hardware is a cool TD game that features 7 levels from which only the 6th Level Image has one Letter at the Top-Right corner. What is that letter?


Prepare the catapult and Crash the Castle for victory! To complete the first stage you need to kill 4 enemies, but How Many enemies you need to kill for completing the Second stage?


To get ready for the Vehicle Tower Defense 2, you are allowed to build up to 7 types of towers. With a price-tag of $250, the most expensive tower Name starts with What Letter?


The store in Flash Element TD 2 works on Tokens and has to offer several colorful elements and some basic talents. How Many Tokens does it require to Reset all Elements?


If you search for CORPORATE (using the search box), you will run across several TD games where only one of them is dedicated to EARTH! Each level in there, has a unique Code of letters assign to it, aside its name. What is the First Letter of the Code of the First Mission?


Searching for DWARVES (using the search box), can definitely send you to a new epic world, world with a level map that has only one Lake in it. What is the First Letter of that Lake name?


Search for a CRUSADE (using the search box) and play the game which name starts with Zombie. There, what Letter/Key is used for changing the Gameplay Speed?

Thanks AdminAnt

Nov 28

Civilizations Wars 2: Prime is a new real-time strategy game where the whole world invites you to battle. Read more details and watch the full video walkthrough for Civilizations Wars 2: Prime game.
civilzations wars 2 prime walkthrough, guide and icon

Another war has started.. New civilization is struggling its way to stand out of the crowd… Raise an army that proudly obeys your order and bravely charge into battle against all types and sizes of enemies.

Watch Civilizations Wars 2: Prime Walkthrough and Trailer video:

Nov 27

Grand Truckismo is a new Monster Truck Racing game where you can drive several types of Monster Trucks. Read more details and watch the full video gameplay from Grand Truckismo game - a new Monster Truck game!
grand truckismo monster truck games

Are you ready to compete against the most skilled monster truck drivers on Earth? All you have to do is to drive towards the finish, hop over bumps and smash some cars as you use nitro boost for outracing all other monster truck racers!

Watch Grand Truckismo - Monster Truck Racing Games - Gameplay Video:

Nov 26

Infectonator: Hot Chase is a new zombified game where your zombie instinct force you to attack and eat humans! Read more details and watch the full video gameplay for Infectonator: Hot Chase game.
infectonator hot chase game video guide and help

The longly awaited Infectonator comes with another edition where this time you play as young aspiring zombie that struggle its way throughout the world of humans. Featuring several upgrades, few powerful mutations, lots of speed boosters and hundreds of delicious humans, this Hot Chase is strong enough for zombifying everything!

Watch Infectonator: Hot Chase Gameplay Video:

Nov 25

Obama Inkagames Rescue is a new point and click game developed by InkaGames studio. Read more details and watch the full video walkthrough for Obama Inkagames Rescue game.
obama inkagames rescue icon walkthrough

In this point and click edition, you play as Obama who needs to rescue the team that created Inkagames studio. Interact around, gather items and have fun saving the inkagames team!

Watch Obama Inkagames Rescue Walkthrough

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