Elgyem POkemon TD 2 Clue 2

HI guys AdminAnt here with another super duper pokemon clue this week its going to be for a Axew

Be sure to get all the answer from the clues to make the 8 digit and letter code good luck

* digit or letters to the clues and good luck.


While creating your latest Strategy Defense 3.5 line, apart the Space bar key, you can activate the Option Menu by pressing what keyboard letter?


How many Add-ons are in total when you play Cyberoids? Tip: the Add-ons menu is located on top of the screen and it can be accessed only when you play a level.


Customize your bee shooter and Buzz around in this shooting game. At the main menu, what Big Letter is shown just right of the Password button?


Play the Bug Tunnel Defense and start the first mission that is known as Valley. That stage sends six waves of enemies, but the question is: How many enemies does the first wave contains?


Welcome to Attack of the Furies! There, the Easy Mode gives you 12 lives, but how many lives does the Normal Modes grants you?


Find the invaded BORDERLINE (using the search box) and lay down your defensive towers. There, the Tutorial stage sends 3 waves of enemies, but the question is how many enemies are there in total? Note: you need to calculate the sum of enemies from all those three waves.


Search for METALIX (using the search box) and play that Japanese multi-commanding turret kind of game! How many types of turrets are there?


Find your NEURON (by using the search box) and immediately take control over your entire nerve system. During gameplay, you can press the letter E to show the upgrades menu, but according the in-game Instructions what other letter works for showing the upgrades menu?

Best of luck see you on the next clue

Thanks AdminAnt

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