Jul 10

HI guys AdminAnt here with another super duper pokemon clue this week its going to be for a Coagunk

Be sure to get all the answer from the clues to make the 8 digit and letter code good luck

* digit or letters to the clues and good luck.


The age of Cursed Treasure 2, has just started… What is the first letter of the building that can be selected by pressing the number 2?


Arrrh matey, arr u rdy for playing Cake Pirates 2? If so, then lead your pirates into cakes conquering quest! This game features 3 helpful upgrades, from which, the second upgrade is to Increase the Initial Money you gain. What letter does that 2nd upgrade is marked with? Hint: You should be looking at the Money Bag upgrade.


This is not Spartaaa, this is the Trojan War game! There, you can build the Stratiotes tower that is a single tower which is managed by how many soldiers?


Gould’s Tower Defense is an old classic TD game where there are how many types of Advanced towers?


As you Defend the Village 2, you can click what Keyboard Letter to toggle the music on and off?


Find the SUNSET (using the search box) and see how many zombies you can shoot down. If you manage to kill 500 zombies, you are awarded with fancy Achievement, but the question is, what is the First Letter of that Achievement’s name?


There is only one 8BIT game here at PlayTDG, so use the search box and play that Ace game. When you complete a level and you manage to Kill all enemies, or to have $500 or more, you are awarded with how many Golden Stars?


SERPENT means a large snake, but it’s also part of an cool TD game in here. Search for SERPENT (using the search box) and play that Iron kind of Defense game. During your first mission, the first group of enemies you encounter are Air Enemies, but what is the first letter of the second group of enemies?

Best of luck see you on the next clue

Thanks AdminAnt

Jul 9

Click to Play: I’d Like to be the Captain

I’d Like to be the Captain of all seas and to all pirates in this tiny little world! Read more details for this new adventure game that is known as I’d Like to be the Captain.
id like to be the captain walkthrough thumbnail

Well explained, simple to start: Beat all 20 levels with 8 unique skills against 12 different enemies with interesting AI (6 unique) and 3 fun bosses, while collecting 1000 coins and 6 legendary gems! All polished with 7 shops, a fun story and much more!

Click to Play: I’d Like to be the Captain

Jul 8

Critter Kingdom is a new kind of strategy game where you play both tower defense game while charging into RTS gameplay. Read more details for Critter Kingdom.
critter kingdom walkthrough, icon

Your one and only, precious little Critter Kingdom, has been under a threat! Hordes of monsters, powerful creatures and other types of aggressive enemies, are invading your territory to destroy everything they can, rather than saluting you. Have fun defending your kingdom!

Watch Critter Kingdom:

Jul 5

Vortex Point 2 is a new point and click adventure game where you lead a team of professional paranormal investigators in solving a big mystery case. Read more details for Vortex Point 2 game.
vortext point 2 walkthrough, guide and cheats

Wisely disguised villain has kidnapped an innocent little boy, boy that happen to be a dear friend of yours. Welcome to Vortex Point 2, the only point and click town around where you lead a team of professional paranormal investigators in solving a big mystery case. Good luck!

Watch Vortex Point 2 Walkthrough:

Have fun!

Jul 4

Comic Book Cody is a new action-hero game for kids where you collect comic strips and gain amazing powers. Read more details and watch the full video walkthrough for Comic Book Cody.
comic book cody walkthrough

Silly minded burglars have made the wrong decision for hijacking your precious comic books. Now they will feel the real wrath of Cody and his heroic powers!

Watch Comic Book Cody Walkthrough:

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