Jul 17

The Peacekeeper is a new shootout defensive game where you should utilize variety of guns while defending your house. Read more details and watch the full video walkthrough for The Peacekeeper game.
the peacekeeper walkthrough thumbnail

Grab your guns and prepare few bombs while hiding in your backyard trench, awaiting and shooting down your enemies. What is peace without war? Well, your enemies are those who want to obtain your peace and by nature that you want to preserve your peace, you are labeled as The Peacekeeper!

The Peacekeeper Walkthrough

Jul 16

Icarus Needs is a new interactive game where you give your best to awake yourself. Read more details and watch the full video walkthrough Icarus Needs game.
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Icarus is a strange looking being that presents a man’s soul in a strange dream he have. In that interactive kind of dream, you should find a way thru all imaginary challenges as you strive to awake yourself. Good luck!

Watch Icarus Needs Walkthrough:

Jul 15

Endless War 7 has arrived! Prepare your troops and charge in ending this endless war! Read more details and watch the full video walkthrough for Endless War 7 game.
endless war 7 walkthrough, thumbnail

Good morning commander, are you ready for conquering another battlefield? In that case, you are more than welcome to raise your army and enter Endless War 7th installment! Good luck leading your troops, tanks, heavy artillery and other types of units, into war against the entire world!

Watch Endless War 7 Walkthrough:

Jul 12

Circus is a new flash game where you assist a clowny creature to perform all kinds of daring circus acts. Read more details and watch the full video walkthrough for Circus game.
circus walkthrough, thumbnail

Gather round people and have fun being amused by the big Circus show! Cannon launch, jump thru fire ring, flying over crocodiles and even avoiding spikes, are just a few types of daring circus acts you would perform. Have fun!

Watch Circus Walkthrough:

Attend the circus show anytime you can and have fun the upcoming weekend!

Jul 11

Village Tower Defense is a new TD game where you hire silly villagers to stand against incoming hordes of monsters. Read more details for Village Tower Defense game.
village tower defense walkthrough

Call upon the Village People and place them along the battlefield as they alone will stop all incoming hordes of enemies. Have fun!

Watch Village Tower Defense Game Walkthrough:

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