Swarm Defender game Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Swarm Defender is a new Tower Defense game where your strategic goal is to prevent the incoming waves of bugs and nasty insects from reaching to the exit. Read more details and watch few game play videos for Swarm Defender TD game.
swarm defender walkthrough, guide and icon

Dive deep into space where the entire solar system desperately needs your defensive skills, tower building tactics and good will for saving the entire world! Nasty looking insects are looking forward to invade, conquer and destroy every planet they can, leaving you no other choices but to stand up and build your Tower Defense line! Featuring more than 15 different towers, up to 7 unique upgrades, more than ten different planets to defend and endless fun of Tower Defense gameplay! Enjoy!

Watch Swarm Defender TD game play 1:

Watch Swarm Defender TD game play 2:

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