Pokemon Td 2 Code Shiny Celebi

HI guys AdminAnt here with another super duper pokemon clue this week its going to be for a Shiny Celebi

Be sure to get all the answer from the clues to make the 8 digit and letter code good luck

* digit or letters to the clues and good luck.


Ignite the Sparks of War by placing various defensive towers, where you can change the speed of gameplay by pressing what shortcut letter? Hint: Start a stage, then pause the game to view all shortcut lists


Viruses are invading! Place your own line of Body Defence towers, so you could destroy all incoming diseases. The first map contains only 10 waves of enemy attacks, but the question is: how many enemies does the first wave contain?


In Desolate Defense you are able to produce and use nuke attacks. When you use a nuke attack at least once, you are awarded with a shiny achievement, which name starts with what letter?


Back in the old days, when the Defense 1942 game was made, you could use a Rifleman towers that were able to make how much damage per attack?


When you play the first level of Claytus Hood Tower Defense game, how many unlocked towers you can use?


Search your own Battalion (using the search box of course) and charge into war! There, you play as Captain Tacker, which army units color starts with what letter?


Searching for Stickman (using the search box) will yield you with few games as results, but only one of them is named as Tower Defense game. There, the first map contains 26 waves in total, where the 3rd wave sends how many Orange stickman enemies?

The first number of the games rating for the game POMEMON TOWER DEFENSE 2

Best of luck see you on the next clue

Thanks AdminAnt

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