15 Coins 2 Walkthrough

15 Coins 2 is a new point and click room escape game where you will need aproxiametly 15 gold coins to purchase your escape. Read more details and watch the full video walkthrough foo 15 Coins 2 game.
15 coins 2 walkthrough, icon and thumbnail

The crazy coin blackmailed escape saga, continues in 15 Coins 2 installment. Once again, you have been trapped inside a mysterious house where, likewise the real world, everything works and everyone helps for money. Solve puzzles, find items, read clues and do your best to collect all 15 coins, which you handover the person who guards the exit door.

Watch: 15 Coins 2 Walkthrough, Room Escape Game by CafeCafe Games

Remember that it’s not always about money and have fun the following weekend!

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