Pokemon TD 2 Shiny Rotom Shiny Hunt

HI guys AdminAnt here with another super duper pokemon clue this week its going to be for a super shiny rotom.

Be sure to get all the answer from the clues to make the 8 digit and letter code good luck

* digit or letters to the clues and good luck.


Bloons Tower Defense 3 is considered as the best of the Bloons game series where the Tack Shooter tower will shoot 8 darts at once, and the first letter of its body color is?


Caldera Legends is a magic type of defense game which art and level designs are made by Igor Makeenko. The clue for this game is: What is the first letter of the nickname of Igor Makeekno? Hint: Its shown between its first and last name.


In Zombie TD 5, you can build a Laser Blaster tower which base color starts with the letter?


Another game for all Minecraft fans out there. Use the search feature ( on the main website) to search for Minecraft and open the 2nd part of that epic TD game. The basic trap that costs 20 gold, has power of 10 and 1 health, has name that starts with what letter?


Although there are many military and war themed games at PlayTDG, only few, or better said two can be found by searching the word Barricade. The defensive game that features rocket launchers, robots and powerful tanks, is the game you need. There the Shockwave tower makes 100 damage per attack, but the question is: How many seconds does the Shockwave tower required per Reloading?


Search for Monkeys and play the game which icon shows a big and powerful gray gorilla on it. There your job is to stop incoming waves of all sorts of monkeys, but the question is: How many lives you have while playing the first stage?


Super mario defense feature Super Mario in it. There, if level 1 is Yoshi’s Island, level 7 is named as Cookie Mountain, what is the first letter of the island that stands for level 13?

The first number of the games rating for the game POMEMON TOWER DEFENSE 2

Best of luck see you on the next clue

Thanks AdminAnt

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