Pokemon TD 2 Shiny Karrablast

HI ya guys another week and another update.
Oshawott is the target pokemon for this week so best of luck guys. There will be 8 digit or letters in the clue. good luck here are the clues.

* digit or letters to the clues and good luck.


How many Bloons Tower defense Games are there on playTDG ( do not include hacked versions of the game)?


The much loved game bloon invasion of a cool defense game but when you start a new game how many game modes are there including locked modes?


Wizard defense is a tower defense and a shooter game but when you start a new game how many spell elements are there?


Miragine War is one the best attack game on the internet but when you build a zombie how much income does it give you per round?

Simple Clue how many levels are there on Tower Blast?


On level 78 of Age of defense 3 how many enemies are available? ( you the level select screen t help you.


Tank Attack is a classic tnka game but how many different turrets can you buy?

The first number of the games rating for the game POMEMON TOWER DEFENSE 2

Best of luck see you on the next clue

Thanks Admin and sam

53 Responses

  1. admin Says:


  2. hhh Says:

    good this igame is so fun that i play it everyday :D

  3. phanpy567 Says:

    what is the code for shiney karrablast yo

  4. Brandon Says:


  5. silvestre Says:

    and code that

  6. PokePal Says:

    Whats the code can i have it pleas?

  7. Pablo Says:


  8. Marcelo Says:

    por favor de pistas melhores

  9. Marcelo Says:

    06 e não sei mais

  10. sergio Says:

    can the next one be minccino please

  11. Marcus Says:

    Hard to me… Understand english, only clue 1,2,5,7… others, hard

  12. gustavo1523 Says:


  13. Deni Says:

    code is …(o)…(n)….(yo)…(tu)…(be)

  14. Elnata Says:

    wath is the code?

  15. Marcelo Says:


  16. PokePal Says:

    Just found a bug my shadow pidgey copyed the moves of geodude

  17. andregato Says:

    pokemo muito louco

  18. keanna Says:

    the code is 55465464

  19. Dustyn Says:

    How do i get to the ruins!? can anyone help please

  20. renan Says:

    like step by route 32?

  21. Syantel Chari Says:

    how can i go to the alpha ruins if somebody will tell me i will tell them the code and those who doesnt know how to get there please dont lie.

  22. HAEBI Says:

    good game!

  23. anonymous Says:

    if you want it put 55465464

  24. anonymous Says:

    for the gift

  25. kian Says:

    wat is de code

  26. huntymon Says:

    please give me this cuz its awesome and im just give it to me

  27. sebastian Says:

    how i get the karrablast

  28. Abby Says:

    Hey did any one else find a shiny
    Starter Pokemon in there

  29. emily Says:

    the cide is 20098

  30. nayara Says:

    mister gift cindaquil,chicorita, totodile, bellsprout,luxio

  31. kian Says:

    wath is the code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. gedson Says:

    alguem ai pf eu ja botei o codigo e ganhei so nao sei onde pega o pokemon quem suber fala ae pf

  33. marcio roberto Says:

    qual e o codigo de lvl pfvr

  34. kingkingking Says:

    code for one karrablast

  35. cscpc7007 Says:

    hey here is the code for karablast and i need to trade so hit me up for my karablast got 4 of them

  36. kevin Says:


  37. Sash Says:

    please give me a krablast for a raxaza ex.

  38. zak Says:

    mi pokemon tower defense 2 hacked no me abre

  39. ElitePlucky Says:

    What is the code?

  40. Sammy Says:

    Can you tell me it plez

  41. harpo Says:

    plz can next be victini

  42. mario711 Says:

    wute is the code

  43. gaven Says:

    i think the code is testes

  44. Rodrigo Says:

    Onde coloca o código?

  45. benny Says:

    the code is 55465464

  46. dj is the best ever Says:

    i want the pokemon ! :[

  47. dj is the best ever Says:

    i want the code what’s the CODE I AM ANGRY
    NOW !

  48. Thiago Says:

    onde coloka essa bosta de codigo

  49. Erick Says:

    Cadê os cód aaaaaaaaaaff

  50. gedson Says:

    quem quer o karrablast e tenta evoluir ele ta perdeno tem o arrablast so evolui quando vo troca ele no comercio com um shelmet ai o que ficar o shelmt o shelmt evolui eo que ficar com o karrablast evolui e os dois sao pokemon muito legais vejam na internet karrablast e shelmt

  51. badass Says:

    sup people whats the code

  52. geanno Says:

    watz da code

  53. cjkool Says:

    What the fudgecakes!!! ughhh……

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