Pokemon TD 2 Shiny Cranidos Code

HI ya guys another week and another update.
Oshawott is the target pokemon for this week so best of luck guys. There will be 8 digit or letters in the clue. good luck here are the clues.

* digit or letters to the clues and good luck.


Click the “Top Games” button and open the game that is added on “Jul 21, 2009″ (hint: this game is in the top 15 games). The image of that game contains robot which color starts with what letter?


“Munio” is a strange therm to search, but when you search that, PlayTDG will grant you only one game. In that game you can build the Laser Tower that makes how much damage?


Age of War is awesome real-time strategy game where if you play on Impossible mode, you start with how much Exp? Hint: The experience status is shown in the upper-left corner.


When the world leaders collide, the Clash of the Olympians is born. In that castle defending game you can choose your hero out of how many heroes?

Simple question with simple Y or N answers. In the game of 1 Will Survive, are there three castles at the first stage while played on easy mode?


Defend your nuts 2 is a great defense game but on the main menu how many nuts can you see?


Grab the rum, set the sails and get ready for Yarrr TD! Arrhgh!! As soon as you STARRRT the game, you instantly realize that you control how many pirate ships?

The first number of the games rating for the game POMEMON TOWER DEFENSE 2

Best of luck see you on the next clue

Thanks Admin and sam

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  1. nainai Says:

    sam and dan

  2. Ryou Misaki Says:

    Yes! Got it! Can the next one be Kyurem, Reshiram or Zekrom? And last, are you going to implement Black Kyurem or White Kyurem to the game?

  3. abdirahman Says:

    please let me have it

  4. Harith Says:

    can u put oshawott regular for me?

  5. seppe Says:

    het is de eerste profiel

  6. Brandon Sapier Says:

    I’m lazy can someone tell me what the code is please

  7. fafaus Says:

    alguem sabe ir pra o 2 captha n pokemon tower defense

  8. asd Says:


  9. marks15 Says:

    shini cranidos

  10. Person Says:

    Where exactly do i post the code?

  11. dude4555 Says:

    hey whats the code???

  12. Marc A. Rivera Says:

    Thank you for the shingy cranidos.

  13. Marc A. Rivera Says:

    Thank you for the shingy cranidos

  14. 00jared Says:


  15. Darker Says:

    clue 1: Y

  16. andre Says:

    quilegal isto e muito legal

  17. blehito Says:

    where should I put the code to get the cranidos?

  18. ShiningMudkip Says:

    whats the code!?!?!?!

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