Pokemon TD 2 Shint Code for Treeko

HI ya guys another week and another update.
Oshawott is the target pokemon for this week so best of luck guys. There will be 8 digit or letters in the clue. good luck here are the clues.

Hope you guys had a super xmas and a great new year i hope all your dreams come true


* digit or letters to the clues and good luck.


There are many ace games, but only one Ace Defense (use the search box) and on that game the cheapest tower can be bought for $100, but what is the first letter of its color?


Don’t give up, even if you play Hopeless TD, especially when you play in Tyrant mode. The first waves of enemy contains ten white circles, but what is the first letter of the incoming shapes from the second wave?


Check out the Download section and find the first game that has image with upfront looking soldier on it. In that game, how many types of tower you can build while playing the first map? Hint: The game you are looking for is next to Santa Defender.


Another good base defense game is the Tesla Death Ray. In that game your first play starts with how much money?


There are many big games out there, but only one named as Big Tree Defense. In that base defense game, there are three acts to play, but the question is how many stages does each act contain?


Trench Defence is a unique TD game, where when you play the Insane Mode, the first wave of tanks has 1HP and will give you how many gold coins when you destroy it? Hint: Info about the enemies is shown above the towers panel.


Dark Base Defence is an awesome defensive game where P is for pause and you can open/close control page from in-game by pressing what letter?

The first number of the games rating for the game POMEMON TOWER DEFENSE 2

Best of luck see you on the next clue

Thanks Admin and sam

49 Responses

  1. nana Says:


  2. gold Says:

    ptd 2 mystery gift code for shiny treeko

  3. carter bement Says:

    can i please have the code i’m only 9 and i realy don’t get it but good work on the clues i’m realy realy realy realy puzzled.

  4. mike Says:

    does any body want a treecko 150e9ef2245cfc,

  5. mike Says:

    i want a riolu

  6. mike Says:

    i have chimchar 150e9ef4399374

  7. mike Says:

    and oshawot 150e1f6217f90b too

  8. Frostesito Says:

    i trade all my treeckos and oshawots for a riolu and/or a zorua

  9. agus Says:

    mike ya te hice la oferta por el treecko

  10. franike Says:

    i like all of the video

  11. Ryan Says:

    Anyone want a shiny treeko i have 4?

  12. Ryan Says:

    i would like something cool but i dont much care

  13. awesomeness Says:

    where do i put the code?

  14. andrew Says:

    i will tried you my hitmolee for your treecko 150eb7ba9cc1da lv 73 has good moves pliece im olny thoee

  15. andrew Says:

    i was lieing im 11

  16. Sarvagya Says:

    please trade with me
    TradeID (150ea44f593f34)
    View Request (0)
    Call Pokemon Back To Profile
    GeodudeLvl 6
    Defense Curl Tackle
    Mud Sport
    Item: None

    TradeID (150ea4547656ec)
    View Request (0)
    Call Pokemon Back To Profile
    EggyLvl 1
    Scratch Leer

    Item: None

    TradeID (150ea45041e5ce)
    View Request (0)
    Call Pokemon Back To Profile
    Eggy(Hacked Version) - Lvl 1
    Scratch Leer

    Item: None

  17. Baron Brixius Says:

    whats the code guys??please?

  18. tipton alvarez Says:

    i like to catch pokemon and the graphices

  19. eggo Says:

    anyone want a shiny girl treecko for a zoura

  20. yo Says:

    ryan dood i want one treecko

  21. andrew Says:

    pretty please with a charmelin on top

  22. reinaldo Says:

    oguem quer cindaquil e um treeko por um zoura

  23. reinaldo Says:

    e so me dar o tradede id

  24. reinaldo Says:

    cindaquil lvl 10
    treeko lvl 1

  25. Roark Says:

    for treecko

  26. diego Says:

    Where can I put the codes in the game in pokemon tower defense 2?

  27. drilbur Says:

    i already got the code since monday.also can the next mystry gift be turtwig?

  28. azhan Says:


  29. gold Says:

    plz give the code

  30. willy Says:

    where do i put it in

  31. sdfsdf Says:




  32. sdfsdf Says:

    my pocketmon, treeko

  33. Syantel Chari Says:

    150eff86b57bdb for a boy treecko.

  34. Mrgodds Says:

    i have new number im trading the item

  35. IBRAHIM Says:

    vi prego mi aiutate 150f00f8ccd113

  36. neco Says:


  37. LARS Says:


  38. Amy Says:

    where do you go to type in the code to get the shiny treeko? I have shiny Oshawott, but forgot what I did to get them

  39. iggey Says:

    guys i know the coode for treeko is [removed]

  40. answer Says:

    ok so i saw some of u want to know how to put the code in post the code and ill post how to put it in ok?

  41. dante Says:

    I want to trade a typhlosion lv45 for a zoura lv 20

  42. orange Says:

    please teel the code

  43. ZAKHIIR Says:


  44. Waffle4me Says:

    Code is: [removed]

  45. ????????? Says:

    the shiny treeko code is [removed]

  46. mightydewsh Says:

    i got bs3062h4 but it says its wrong

  47. CherryBlossom Says:

    Holy crap, stop asking for the number and trying to get trades. All you beggers are retarded bitches for this, cause theres something called Google where you can look it up. NOW SHUT UP people who have the code and won’t say. Just stop being bastards and give the code so they can shut up. And everyone, I’m sorry for the language, but this is getting old.

  48. CherryBlossom Says:

    To show how sorry i am for snapping, the code is [removed]

  49. crystaling Says:

    hey guys i found the code look
    u can thank me
    thx :)

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