Dec 11

Flying Cookie Quest is a new launching game where you launch a little panda to eat as many cookies as possible. Read more details for Flying Cookie Quest.
flying cookie quest thumbnail

Are you ready to launch the rocket panda to fly thru the land of cookies? Start this launching journey by using primitive slingshot and almost not aerial skills, except the small rocket boost. After you earn enough money, you need to upgrade your skills and improve your flying or launching abilities. Have fun!

Watch Flying Cookie Quest:

Dec 10

Zombie Tower Defense is a special handmade mode that raise the Minecraft gameplay up to a new defensive level! Read more details for Zombie Tower Defense in Minecraft style.
zombie tower defense in minecraft style thumbnail

Countless waves of zombie hordes are created with goal to find your shelter, ragingly demolish and last but not least to reach you and banish your mortal soul! Made in Minecraft style, this awesome Zombie Tower Defense mode contains amazing arts, ignorant zombies, deadly weapons and tons of survival fun!

Watch Zombie Tower Defense in Minecraft style - walkthrough and guide:

Dec 7

Crystal Lands is a new defensive game where your job is to protect the mystic crystal from all attackers. Read more details for Crystal Lands.
crystal lands thumbnail

The ancient peace of Arctic was ragingly disturbed by unexpected action for finding and destroying the icy heart! Your job is to defend these Crystal Lands and let no man, creature or thing gets nearby your beloved frozen artifact. Place towers, upgrade them as well and have lots of fun in this front viewed strategy game.

Watch Crystal Lands:

Have fun the following weekend guys and girls!

Dec 6

Oh Snow is an new fast-paced game where your must escape the chilly grasp of the giant snow ball that follows your step. Read more details for Oh Snow.
oh snow thumbnail

The first day of winter has arrived and brought one giant and highly aggressive snow ball! Your objective is to outrun and outsmart the huge snow ball that not only chase you but also tends to kill you immediately! Have fun and try to collect the golden objects as well.

Watch Oh Snow! walkthrough levles 1-12:

Watch Oh Snow! walkthrough levles 13-24:

Dec 5

Tesla Defense is a new base defense game where you use the death ray to zap all incoming enemies! Read more details for Tesla Defense.
tesla defense thumbnail

Nikola Tesla wasn’t an ordinary genius for electricity and much more, he also was a huge patriot for his country especially when there were constant attacks and enemy invades! That’s why he invented the lethal death ray and organized his impenetrable Tesla Defense line! Have fun zapping your enemies!

Watch Tesla Defense walkthrough:

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