Pokemon Tower Defense 2 Shiny Chimchar Code

HI ya guys another week and another update. Shiny Chimchar is the target pokemon for this week so best of luck guys. There will be 8 digit or letters in the clue. good luck here are the clues.

* digit or letters to the clues and good luck.


Download Games section contain games sponsored by PlayTDG. In there you can find Santa Defender where there are how many towers? Remember that trees aren’t towers.


Another chilly game that is sponsored by PlayTDG and can be easily found in our Download Games section is Ice War. When you first start to play it, how many igloos you have?


When you search for Bloons ( uing the search Bar on playTDG), few epic games will appear as result, where only one of images has a number on it. What is that number?


Tesla Death ray is a nazi game where they tryed to used Tesla technology but how many achivements does the game have?


Searching for refreshing drink inside the Fanta Factory sure is fun, but how many towers you can build in that TD game?


During the zombie apocalypse in Zombie Hospital you must save mankind, but how many playing modes are there?.


Your objective in Castle Clout is to catapult your enemies, but the question is how many soldiers are protecting the enemy king? On level 1

The first number of the games rating for the game POMEMON TOWER DEFENSE 2

Best of luck see you on the next clue

Thanks Admin and sam

36 Responses

  1. gray Says:


  2. miko Says:

    1° First!!! :) :D

  3. fuchkingham palace Says:

    wtf? And game didn’t update?

  4. I love her A.B. Says:

    3146(5)294 think that’s the code , i am not sure about 5th number , coz idk if its asking how many towers there are or how many u can build but i guess it’s 5 :)

  5. Rayquazer Says:

    please someone can trade me the shyni shynx is my fav, i can give a golett of event + a shyni jirachi… please :c

  6. Rayquazer Says:

    i can give you a shiny chimchar too

  7. Daayum Says:

    Whats the freaking code !!!

  8. Batman Says:

    that’s not the code mother fucker!

  9. BeastMan19 Says:

    How do you enter the code????

  10. liam Says:

    i like this game it is awesome

  11. Alvin Says:

    please complete the 4th Wall please

  12. awwwwwww yeahhhhhhhh Says:


  13. gabrieljoke Says:

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  14. BeastMan19 Says:

    My game didn’t update….

  15. Juan Says:

    Hope it helps:)

  16. corey Says:

    1 igloo is on the first level of ice war

  17. vinny Says:

    look for code on youtube

  18. Smart Hobo Says:

    The reason why it does not work is because you have to copy and paste it in without the ( and ) even if you type it off it still won’t work you have to do it like this:
    [copy what? :P - removed by admin] <<

  19. Rayquazer Says:

    i can give the code to the one who trades me a shiny shynx

  20. Abby Says:

    Is any one else PISSED OFF with how LONG its taking do MAKE the NEXT LEVEL?????????????????????

  21. edgard Says:

    tiene rason ese es el código yo lo intente y me salio el chimchar shiny

  22. edgard Says:

    tiene rason ese es el código, a mi me salio

  23. gilvan Says:

    que merda de totodili é esse que não evolui

  24. gilvan Says:

    I wonder why my Totodile is already at the level (17)

  25. ronan Says:

    i know the code and you dont

  26. łukasz Says:


  27. Rayquazer Says:

    someone has an extra shynx please?? :c

  28. Diogo Says:

    o proximo vai ser um Oshawott vcs podem ver no site:):):):):):):):):):):):)

  29. YOURMOM Says:


  30. kristoffer Says:

    anyone knows the code for ohsawott?

  31. jose sandoval Says:

    qiero el pokecenter

  32. Samurott Says:

    You are spanish, the dude above we are ENGLISH!!!!!!!!

  33. Juan Says:

    i got my code from youtube

  34. rafael Says:


  35. gonzacap Says:

    yo puedo pasarte los jirachi

  36. william Says:

    Get me a shiny chimchar please!

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