Dec 31

Cobra Squad is a new base defense game where you are hiring and placing your defensive troops. Read more details for Cobra Squad.
cobra squad thumbnail

Waves of enemy soldiers are rushing towards your base, trying to destroy it first and claim your territory. Strategically place total of 20 defensive soldiers in several challenging stages where your only goal is to shoot to kill. Have fun and Good luck!

Watch Cobra Squad: wish you a Happy New Years and have lots of fun during the next 2013 year!

Dec 28

Defend Your Nuts 2 is the latest sequel of forest fun where you act as protective squirrel that needs to protect his precious nuts. Read more details for Defend Your Nuts 2.
defend your nuts 2 thumbnail

Back with more enemies, harder bosses, better weapons, and few more precious nuts that you must protect at all costs! Armed with wooden bow, your job is to shoot down all incoming enemies that are trying to steal your nuts!

Watch Defend Your Nuts 2:

Dec 27

Killer Escape is a new point and click game that involves too many killers and it’s totally wrapped in horror. Read more details for Killer Escape.
killer escape thumbnail

You have been caught and locked…. by a serial killer!! You must find a way how to escape the creepy room that holds your freedom and outsmart your predator! Have fun!!

Watch Killer Escape walkthrough:

Dec 26

Amateur Surgeon comes back with awesome looking Christmas Edition! Read more details for Amateur Surgeon: Christmas Edition.
amateur surgeon christmas edition thumbnail

Ho, ho, ho!! Santa is hit and injured!!! Wait a minute..!? What kind of bloody Christmas is this? Take role as Amateur Surgeon that is able find a way how to fix all injured people and save the spirit of Christmas! Merry Christmas and Happy New YEar!

Watch Amateur Surgeon: Christmas Edition:

Dec 25

Click to Play: The Snow Turns Red

The Snow Turns Red is a new Christmas-themed game where you play as Santa’s wife and must defend the Christmas tree from all attackers. Read more details for The Snow Turns Red.
the snow turns red thumbnail

This Christmas there were more bad and evil kids rather than good ones, making Santa Claus to quit his gift bringing job. Now, all hordes of baddies are trying to destroy the Christmas Tree and ruin Xmas once and for all!! Your job as Mrs. Clause is to ragingly kill everyone that tries to ruin Xmas!! Have a Bloody Merry Christmas!

Click to Play: The Snow Turns Red

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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