Oct 15

Future Buddy is a new physics-puzzled game where you must help out the lost space buddy to find the way back to his home. Read more details for Future Buddy.
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Future Buddy is a new physics-puzzled game where you must help out the lost space buddy to find the way back to his home. Your job is to slash ropes, remove objects, solve physic puzzles and guide the Future Buddy to reach and enter the mysterious portal that will hopefully return him back to his beloved space home.

Watch Future Buddy walkthrough 1-20 for World 1:

Watch Future Buddy walkthrough 21-40 for World 2:

Watch Future Buddy walkthrough 41- 60 for World 3:

Oct 12

SAS Zombie Assault TD comes back with countless waves of brainless zombies that must be stopped before they zombifiy our entire world! Read more details for SAS Zombie Assault TD.
sas zombie assault td thumbnail

The brainless creatures with insatiable hunger for humans brain aka Zombies, are back for another vigorous attack! Take leading role in the special military unit that is able to prevent this zombie chaos before it went out of control. SAS Zombie Assault TD is all about towers, zombies, blood, night, tactics and endless fun of defending our city!

Watch SAS Zombie Assault TD walkthrough - Mean Streets - Normal Mode:

Watch SAS Zombie Assault TD walkthrough (1/2) - Nightmare Mode - Mean Streets:

Watch SAS Zombie Assault TD walkthrough - Dead Warehouse - Normal Mode:

Have fun the following weekend and try to setup your defensive towers before the living deads decide to invade our world.

Oct 11

Penguins Attack 4 is the latest invasion of these cute looking, flightless and very aggressive hordes of birds. Read more details for Penguins Attack 4.
penguins attack 4

Countless waves of crazy looking penguins are back to perform their 4th invasion. This is not Sparta, this is Penguins Attack 4!! Start building defensive towers and upgrade them to the max cause your flightless enemies will attack you from ground and sky. Good luck!

This is real prof that penguins do attack mankind:

Watch Penguins Attack 4:

Oct 10

Command and Defend is a new real time strategy game where you must defeat your opponent before it is too late! Read more details for Command and Defend.
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Raise your loyal troops, produce super powerful tanks, command your entire army to defend all your beholding as you ragingly attack every opponent that you encounter! Good luck commander and remember that the entire country is depending on your war tactics.

Watch Command and Defend:

Oct 9

Truck Loader 4 comes back with newer and more challenging stages, one loading truck and endless fun of transporting objects! Read more details for Truck Loader 4.
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The small and hardworking loader truck is back for more industrial fun! As before, your job is to transport all wooden crates and load them onto the big truck. Have fun!

Watch Truck Loader 4 video walkthrough all 30 levels:

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