Oct 25

Monkey GO Happy Mini Monkeys is the latest installment of the funky, monkey business. Read more details for Monkey GO Happy Mini Monkeys.
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Are you ready for one short lasting, but definitely challenging mini monkeys searching game? Find all mini monkey and make the sad monkey go happy.

Watch Monkey GO Happy Mini Monkeys walkthrough:

Oct 24

Siegius Arena is the latest, most epic fighting game for becoming a true gladiator! Read more details for Siegius Arena.
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Your destiny is to become a gladiator! Start your fighting experience with wooden sword, primitive shield and armor made of cloth. Slay enough enemies and loot their coins, so you could upgrade your fighting skills, learn new magic abilities and purchase better heroic equipment and weapons. Have fun!

Watch Siegius Arena official trailer:

Watch Siegius Arena:

Watch Siegius Arena Lighting vs Earthquake:

Oct 23

Fronts No Retreat is a new military-based game where your ultimate goal is to defeat your opponent. Read more details for Fronts No Retreat.
fronts no retreat thumbnail

Fronts No Retreat is a new military-based game where your ultimate goal is to defeat your opponent. Brace yourself for enduring and surviving through another war! Build your base, train enough units and destroy your enemy, before he gets you!

Watch Fronts No Retreat:

Oct 22

Commodian - Tower Defence in Space is a new TD game where you must guard the entire space from all attackers! Read more details for Commodian - Tower Defence in Space.
commodian tower defence thumbnail

Meanwhile in space, trembling sound of marching enemies are getting closer and closer… Your entire world is under a treat! Place your best tower defence line and try to prevent all enemies from reaching and destroying your base.

Watch Commodian - Tower Defence in Space:

Oct 19

Hi there Guys welcome to the 2nd PlayTDG pokemon Tower defense 2 Mystery code for the Rilou. Remeber guys the code will only work on my website so please go to Pokemon Tower Defense 2 to enter the code.

Last week over The Zorua Code was entered over 101,000 times so well done lets try and beat it this time :) good luck to all :)

The code is 8 digits or letters long good luck finding the clue they will contain clues and from tower defense games on my website good luck please post a comment asking for help but DONT NO POST THE ANSWER otherwise sam will slap you :)

This week the challenge will be a little harder to complete :)

Thanks AdminAnt

Chromatic Tower Defense is a vector TD game and very fun and challenging but how many time can you upgrade tower?

On level 3 of Tower Moon HOw many unit can you buy?

On level 2 of Sparks of war how many differnet tower types can you build?

Desolate Defense is a cool future tower defense but on survial mode what is the first letter of the 2nd tower you can build?

Villanious Is probably the best anti TD game around but on the 2nd level how many invader need to pass to get a bronze medal?

Defend your honor is a cool cartoon Tower defense game but on the credits page what the first letter of the name of the person whom made the music?

Long way is a wild west Tower defense game but what is the first letter of the cowboys name you can first hire in the saloon?


Whats it the first number of the rating for pokemon tower defense 2. Please be sure to enter the code on this game and give the game a rating of 5 out 5 :)

Good luck guys please remeber the code will only work on my website Thanks AdminAnt

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