Pokemon Tower Defense 2 Vanillite Mystery Code

Hi there guys welcome to 3rd PTD2 mystery code this week the code will be a super Vanillite.

Last week over The Rilou Code was entered over 161,000 times so well done lets try and beat it this time :) good luck to all :)

The code is 8 digits or letters long good luck finding the clue they will contain clues and from tower defense games on my website good luck please post a comment asking for help but DONT NO POST THE ANSWER otherwise sam will slap you :)

This week the challenge will be ALOT harder than last weeks even tho last weeks was pretty hard there going to be tricker and longer so good luck:)

Thanks AdminAnt

Robot Emergence 2 is a cool defense game but to get the clue after you complete the first level you unlock a new factory this factory costs money what is the 2nd digit of its cost?

Level 4 on Helix Defense 2 you get a new tower called Laser tower but what letter is the HOT KEY for this tower? you will find the letter when you hover over the tower..

On level 4 of Magus Tower defense how many tower are availble to build?

The classic game AntBuster is an old epic tower defense game but on the main menu how many different languages can you choose from?

Zacks Hardware is a cool collect parts tower defense game but to get the clue you need is …The number of level X The number of Game modes X the number of screws on the first level on normal mode. The number you will need will be the first number.

Age of defense is a cool defense game but what is the first letter of the 3rd Throw weapon in the game?

How many Corporate Wars games on there on playtowerdefensegames.com HINT using the search bar will help you:)


Whats it the first number of the rating for pokemon tower defense 2. Please be sure to enter the code on this game and give the game a rating of 5 out 5 :)

Good luck guys please remeber the code will only work on my website Thanks AdminAnt

70 Responses

  1. camera quan sat Says:

    camera quan sat

  2. Ximaxtron Says:


  3. Steven the Killer! Says:


  4. Mr.ButtCheeks Says:

    i want the code

  5. Mimzy Says:


  6. m0 Says:

    Do you want a Vanillite?

    Look up : m0
    (spelling: ‘m’ ‘zero’)

    I will trade you one.

  7. Black Victini Says:

    I think i’m first but prob no…

  8. bj Says:

    the code is 5k69sob

  9. Davidp387 Says:

    i have 4 Raichu who wants the
    TradeID (1508cc91d6ca1f)
    TradeID (1508cc964591d4)
    TradeID (1508cc94a7a407)
    TradeID (1508cc935331ac)
    and i have a Wartortle
    TradeID (150843805c1b16)

  10. Stuck Says:

    Help i enterd it but it diddent work

  11. Stuck Says:

    it was right to

  12. Ruben Says:


  13. oirad Says:


  14. eric level 100 Says:


  15. Nigerian Ian Says:

    Somali Marley

  16. Samurott Says:


  17. alexander Says:

    I had the mystery gift code solved when I filled him and insisted that he was no longer valid

  18. Tawnystar Says:

    i got the code :)

  19. pablo Says:

    cual es el codigo

  20. Alex0205 Says:


  21. zeylez Says:

    trade id: 1508d46e2437a9

  22. Kol Says:


  23. Squidkid11 Says:

    What does clue 5 mean?

  24. gold Says:

    do eneone have the first clue???

  25. chris Says:

    here we go again

  26. Johny Says:

    Whats code?

  27. yay Says:

    first comment woot later ill post the code

  28. Shiny Glaceon Says:

    TradeID (150841a70074e4)
    View Request (0)
    Call Pokemon Back To Profile
    RilyLvl 1
    Quick Attack Foresight
    Item: None

    TradeID (15083f7b64c0fa)
    View Request (0)
    Call Pokemon Back To Profile
    RilyLvl 1
    Quick Attack Foresight
    Item: None

    TradeID (1508d672a4f1c2)
    View Request (0)
    Call Pokemon Back To Profile
    VanillaLvl 1
    Icicle Spear

    Item: None

    TradeID (1508d6702a35e0)
    View Request (0)
    Call Pokemon Back To Profile
    VanillaLvl 1
    Icicle Spear

    yay first comment!!

  29. Nyantales Says:

    I can’t get the first clue the game is too difficult. :( I keep dying.

  30. shazeb Says:


  31. Henry Wong Says:

    I am the first person here.

  32. gold Says:


  33. austin Says:

    what is the code

  34. fksjflajfla xD Says:

    T_T i need the code xD i don’t like this pokemon, but… vv’ i don’t know

  35. thomson Says:


  36. vrg Says:

    eae galera !!

  37. Saibot588 Says:

    Am I the only one not understanding the 5th?

  38. BRich Says:

    The code i got will not work! i have triple checked all of the clues and my code isnt working. why not?

  39. xixo Says:

    cual es el codigo

  40. dracula_88 Says:

    El codigo no funciona cual es el verdadero codigo?

  41. kriscoolv16 Says:

    can someone pleaze give me the code for Vanillite? i’ll give u a legendary pokemon if you give me the code…

  42. mane Says:

    what is the code?

  43. bnk601 Says:

    this would be much easier if the clues were written in good english so they were understandable

  44. papo Says:

    vuscelo en yotuve es facil de encontrar

  45. Kvlad89 Says:

    pikachu Lvl23 Trade 15089e6684646a

  46. Kvlad89 Says:

    Meowth Lvl24 Trade 15089e6a731a12

  47. Kvlad89 Says:

    Abra Lvl26 Trade 15089e6f60854a

  48. Kvlad89 Says:

    Metapod shiny trade 1508f75a0ce8c9

  49. Mew Says:

    wow…it’s been a long time since i’ve played PTD. haven’t had internet forever. XD now that i’m back on, time to get the ball rolling. :) hehe

  50. ++ Says:

    5th - x means you need to multiply

  51. awesome Says:

    shiny pidgey 15090591c9cce1

  52. Anonymous Says:

    CAN SOMEONE GIVE THE REAL CODE???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  53. Tawnystar Says:

    i have hint:
    now hint

  54. Tawnystar Says:

    i am [removed by admin] years old. i Love having [removed by admin] cats. my grandma is [removed by admin]. So much fun is [removed by admin]th grade. my lil bro is [removed by admin] btw.

  55. matgj Says:

    male : —————–
    vanilla : 15091d136c248f
    totodile : 15090e32228f90
    pidgey : 15091d1038c6e0
    chikorita : 15090e30721961
    cyndaquil : 15090e31225e7d
    female : —————
    hoppip : 15091d10f80241
    rily : 15091d143de467
    vanilla : 15091d11e44f62
    vanilla : 15091d12a71cf1

  56. matgj Says:

    PTD 1
    shiny geodude lvl 20 - 15090da76128a1

  57. champion code Says:

    give me the legendary number:(1509241ceaae4f)

  58. bob Says:

    whats the cooooodddddeee

  59. ambrosia04 Says:

    Ni idea????

  60. darkintheshadowsZorua Says:

    Who knows the code for Riolu if u do please send it to me

  61. admin Says:

    We are all happy to have you here Tawnystar :)

  62. Chris Says:

    I am trading a vinillite for a shadow zoru any level; my vinillite is level 9 and still growing lol this is the trade ID # if ur interested 15093274aad297

  63. crazy288 Says:

    por favor me de o codigo do vanilite

  64. vitortx Says:

    november 2nd,2012 at 11:16

  65. me Says:

    Thanks Admin for pointing out Tawnystar. Sam came by and removed the numbers :P

  66. will Says:

    hey matgj what is your trainer account name?

  67. maese strike Says:

    please i want zorua!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. mmmbnnht rsdt,lc Says:

    I have A pigeY level 12

  69. luke Says:

    how to get vinillite

  70. admin Says:

    Np Me, enjoy playing :)

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