SAS Zombie Assault TD walkthrough, strategy guide and cheats

SAS Zombie Assault TD comes back with countless waves of brainless zombies that must be stopped before they zombifiy our entire world! Read more details for SAS Zombie Assault TD.
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The brainless creatures with insatiable hunger for humans brain aka Zombies, are back for another vigorous attack! Take leading role in the special military unit that is able to prevent this zombie chaos before it went out of control. SAS Zombie Assault TD is all about towers, zombies, blood, night, tactics and endless fun of defending our city!

Watch SAS Zombie Assault TD walkthrough - Mean Streets - Normal Mode:

Watch SAS Zombie Assault TD walkthrough (1/2) - Nightmare Mode - Mean Streets:

Watch SAS Zombie Assault TD walkthrough - Dead Warehouse - Normal Mode:

Have fun the following weekend and try to setup your defensive towers before the living deads decide to invade our world.

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  1. Ada Says:

    Highly descriptive article, I liked that bit.

    Will there be a part 2?

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