Oct 31

Click to Play: Ninjas vs Pirates Tower Defense 3

Ninjas vs Pirates TD 3 has arrived! Place highskilled stealthy ninjas to assassin all incoming pirates and protect your base. Read more details for Ninjas vs Pirates TD 3.
ninjas vs pirates td 3 thumbnail

The latest, 3rd installment of the epic war among the clever ninjas and brutal pirates has arrived! Build and upgrade defensive ninjas to protect your belongings and destroy all incoming waves of raging pirates, dead skeletons and other ugly creatures!

Watch Ninjas vs Pirates Tower Defense 3:

Click to Play: Ninjas vs Pirates Tower Defense 3

Oct 30

Portals is a new puzzle game where you solve challenging physic-based puzzles by using the power of portals. Read more details for Portals.
portals thumbanil

Meanwhile in future, peaceful and colorful monsters were the only inhabitants around, that lived in peace and harmony for many centuries. Your job is to remove shapes, solve puzzles, master the force of portals as you strive to connect all same colored monsters in pair. Remember that only you and you alone can save all those cute looking monsters.

Watch Portals full video walkthrough:

Oct 29

Dark Soul: Path to Awakening is a new first-person shooting game where you must reach at the end of the 3D tunnel you’re currently stuck in. Read more details for Dark Soul: Path to Awakening.
dark soul path to awakening thumbanil

Only the bravest assassins will have nothing against to charge in this 3D world of horror, decay and violence! Adjust your aim good and try to headshot all enemies before they had the chance to come near you and slaughter you alive!

Watch Dark Soul: Path to Awakening:

Oct 27

Hi there guys welcome to 3rd PTD2 mystery code this week the code will be a super Vanillite.

Last week over The Rilou Code was entered over 161,000 times so well done lets try and beat it this time :) good luck to all :)

The code is 8 digits or letters long good luck finding the clue they will contain clues and from tower defense games on my website good luck please post a comment asking for help but DONT NO POST THE ANSWER otherwise sam will slap you :)

This week the challenge will be ALOT harder than last weeks even tho last weeks was pretty hard there going to be tricker and longer so good luck:)

Thanks AdminAnt

Robot Emergence 2 is a cool defense game but to get the clue after you complete the first level you unlock a new factory this factory costs money what is the 2nd digit of its cost?

Level 4 on Helix Defense 2 you get a new tower called Laser tower but what letter is the HOT KEY for this tower? you will find the letter when you hover over the tower..

On level 4 of Magus Tower defense how many tower are availble to build?

The classic game AntBuster is an old epic tower defense game but on the main menu how many different languages can you choose from?

Zacks Hardware is a cool collect parts tower defense game but to get the clue you need is …The number of level X The number of Game modes X the number of screws on the first level on normal mode. The number you will need will be the first number.

Age of defense is a cool defense game but what is the first letter of the 3rd Throw weapon in the game?

How many Corporate Wars games on there on playtowerdefensegames.com HINT using the search bar will help you:)


Whats it the first number of the rating for pokemon tower defense 2. Please be sure to enter the code on this game and give the game a rating of 5 out 5 :)

Good luck guys please remeber the code will only work on my website Thanks AdminAnt

Oct 26

Finally, a strategy moment that you have all waiting for. Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 2 has arrived! Place bunch of bubble-like towers and destroy all incoming bubbled enemies! Read more details for Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 2.
bubble tanks tower defense 2 thumbnail

Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 2 is here to grant you enough TD fun and bubble defensive joy that will keep you entertained for hours. Build and upgrade towers, create the enemy moving path, destroy all incoming enemies and have loads of strategic fun!

Watch Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 2:

Watch Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 2:

Have some fun this bubbled weekend!

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